The cigarette smoke thread .... with a twist ....

  1. So, my last LV bag of the year is arriving on Thursday. Then I'm going on a major ban, haha. It's a vernis bag (no hints yet :graucho:) so it's lined in calfskin, and has a 'slight' smokey smell to it according to the auction. Don't know how 'slight' it is though ... so I'm taking precautions because I want to take it on my trip to New York a week later.

    What is the QUICKEST way to remove a smoke smell, esp. in vernis, since I don't have the luxury of trying every one out? I read the threads posted before ... febreeze on tissues, charcoal, etc ... but which one works the quickest? I'd like to work on it this weekend since that's really the only time I'll have. :sad:

    Thanks in advance! :upsidedown:
  3. :confused1: I can't get it to load?
  4. Yeah, I figured it out after I posted. Thanks!! It just said that porous items my require chemical cleaning or replacement though ... am I looking in the wrong place?

    I guess what I was looking for was not actually HOW to remove the smell, but who had done it before and how long it took .... since I only have a few days.
  5. I would wipe it down really well, throw a fabric softner sheet in it and cross your fingers.

    Unfortunately it can be REALLY hard to get the nasty smell of cigarette smoke out of ANYTHING. Ugh!!! Good luck!! :flowers:
  6. If you can(don't know the shape of the bag), I'd turn it inside out and let it air out. I think that would really, really help, especially if it's only a slight smell.
  7. Baking soda, maybe?
  8. I would try baking soda as well... The stuff is amazing... A few years ago my freezer in the basement quit working, my husband went down to get something out and everything was swimming.... Meat, ice cream, everything. It was a bloody, sticky, awful and SMELLY mess. I cleaned it out, and put several boxes of open baking soda in it. I don't remember how long it took, but the smell was gone pretty quickly.
  9. I bought a Vernis from ebay and it had a strange really strong perfume smell in it, probably to cover up cigarette smell or something. I went to a local luxury soap store and bought a couple of really nice lavender sachets and kept them in there with everything all zipped up. It took away the icky smell and replaced it with something really nice. Now, the sachets are gone and everything is fine. No strange smells. Lavender is cleansing too...
  10. Put dryer sheets in the bag, maybe use febreze spray (be careful with that). This worked for me :smile:
  11. Air it out. Baking soda or stuff it with newspaper. It absorbs the smells. Coffee grounds absorb smells too. I don't have avernis piece so I can't be sure what to tell you other than try it out or wait til someone else who have encountered this to give your suggestions. Good luck!
  12. I think I am going to try that!! :idea: What an great idea ...

    It came today and the smell wasn't too bad. I have to actually get right up to the bag and smell it to notice. The dustbag was horrible though, so I handwashed that in Woolite. I put febreeze tissues in there now, tomorrow I will try the baking soda, and I'll try and pick up some satchels tomorrow.

    THANKS GUYS! :flowers:
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  13. I used ground coffe and dryer sheets, worked really well
  14. dryer sheets or febreeze or there is another brand like febreeze (renuzit) just be careful w/ it though!

    But I heard dryer sheets work the best!
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