The Chucky Shuffle

  1. In search of a scrumplier whiskey Edith, a second whiskey arrived today. :nuts: The new bag definitely has more scrumples which I like - less briefcasey, but it lacks the pebbling of Chucky. Other than the wrinkles the leather doesn't have as much depth and the backside is downright flat. The new bag's leather is very soft, but I can see the wrumples possibly falling out over time like Daisy mentioned. Hmmm, what's a gal to do? Which do you all think looks better?

    Here are some comparison pics. I don't know where on earth I placed my plastic eyeballs, so for this photo series the part of Chucky is being played by Stuffy....
  2. i like the new bag.. it looks much softer and I like less pebbling
  3. POOR CHUCKIE! sniff!! LOL!
  4. I like Chucky better - I like the pebbling.
  5. It's so hard to judge by photos but I personally prefer a more uniform texture on Edith (versus the Paddington) but I'm not sure why! I love the scrumples on the new bag though. Maybe you only need the Chamois and can send back old Chucky and new Chucky!

    I see a grain on the back of the new bag; it just isn't as pronounced as Chucky. If you keep the new one and return Chucky, will you miss Chucky? Will you now need to see a new Whiskey Edith to compare new Chucky to?
  6. I'm feeling the need to keep both whiskey and chamois, partly because I'm insane, partly because my paddy is starting to look a little trendy/dated (and I haven't even received the key!)

    The new bag is beginning to attract me more. Not to dis it too much, but here are a few other faults/considerations:

    Being a return, it comes with a courtesy scratch on the Chloe tab and a few teeny others - I think it will be more prone to scratching. It has a leather flaw/pinch/weak mark on the left panel facing it. It has chubby, soft handles just like Chamois - not a flaw, but I've gotten used to Chucky's firm, tightly rolled handles.

    Y'all find that many loveable flaws with yours?
  7. My Edith has a mark on the leather of the front pocket. It is absolutely a mark on the original leather hide. I think it is cool, part of the distressed look that makes me think I will carry the Edith for a long time.
  8. My whiskey Edith has weird distressing marks that look basically like someone laid a sheet of paper on top of the bag then wrote on the paper with a pen...but the chamois had some of that, too, so I guess it is a natural mark (or I should say an intentional mark). I like the slouchiness of the new bag, but can you really part with Chucky? I mean, you NAMED him!
  9. I agree that the scratches are part of the natural hide. I have seen new Edith's on ebay that look the same way. My choco has a light scratch on the side that won't rub away with a finger or AG leather conditioner.
  10. Thanks for the scratch reassurances - the main one is definitely part of the original hide.

    So DH gets home and is able, under duress, to identify Chucky vs the new impostor. So he's learning. Then he sees the Groucho glasses on the table and says "So ya dressing up for the FedEx man??" :lol: :lol:
  11. ^^ ROFL! :lol: :lol: You get so many packages that you have to conceal your identity from the FedEx guy! That is SO me!
  12. ^^ Isn't it crazy?? At least this time I paid for the 2-day guy instead of the ground-guy to keep my reputation in check, for now~!
  13. Blu, I love, love, love your posts! I am a bit partial to Chucky...just because...
  14. I'm totally partial to Chucky - I like his pebbling vs. the other's slouching. In a perfect world, you could have both, but I've accepted that due to the pebbled leather's thickness on this bag, it's just not going to slouch. If you want slouch, you want the smoother bag...... And in the tradeoff - I prefer the pebbling on Chucky.

    Have you made your final choice?
  15. Thanks everyone for your input! Well when the second Edith arrived yesterday I was so busy studying/nit-picking the leather and taking pictures that I wasn't really 'seeing' the bag as a whole. Then I actually held it up in a mirror and Voila! This is how Edith is supposed to look! While I'm obsessed with Chucky's leather/pebbles, the pebbles aren't what make the bag - it's the wrinkles and overall look. (on the other hand a paddy, wrinkled or smooth, still looks like a paddy) The new bag LOOKS like an Edith. Chucky, when I'm not obsessing, looks like a briefcase. My only reason for keeping the Chuckster would be to fawn over the leather forever and a day, but I'd always feel self-conscious carrying him anywhere but work. Also, since Chamois and Chucky had the same markings (pebbled all over & smooth pocket, although chamois is very smooshy and wrinkled too), the new bag will give me texture variety.

    So Chucky goes packing! If you see an Edith hit in about 14 days you might hesitate to add it to your cart and wait for the next one!