The christopher backpack=the best bag ever

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  1. I had the opportunity to purchase the Christopher Back Pack. This is a very limited show piece that came out in 2005. Louis Vuitton declared NEVER to make this bag again. Unless you are a celeb or have some sort of social status.
    I am very fortune to have the opportunity to buy this bag.[/B][/B][/I]

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  2. congrats. enjoy it in good wealth...i mean health:smile:
  3. Congrats! Fab backpack!
  4. Thanks so much.
  5. grats! great bag!
  6. So fab! I am jealous!! I've been eyeballing the backpacks for a while and only have a moyen montsouris. Totally enamored with your bag!
  7. Congrats! Thats an awesome backpack.
  8. Congrats! Such a beautiful and awesome bag.
  9. I always wanted one ! You lucky ! Enjoy it !
  10. Congrats:yahoo:
  11. Congrats!!
  12. That's great! I have a co-worker dying for a LV backpack to own. You lucky guy, you are the envy of many! :nuts:
  13. Lucky you, congrats. How did you manage to get one? A friend of mine wants one badly. TIA.
  14. wow it's definitely eye catching! congrats!
  15. Congrats! Nice bag.
    Is that you in the first pic?
    If are handsome. ;)