The Christmas hunt is on for a MC..........

  1. Here is the bag I'm after, if anyone out there can help me locate her I'd be so grateful as it will be my last Chanel bag for a very very very long time....I'm getting married in about a year so have to cut back for my big white dress! Also I'm selling off two of my Chanel bags for this one.

    I borrowed the pix from the ref. thread but don't have the code.
  2. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    Hmm... Appears to be the glazed leather brown MC e/w tote... I think that will be rather hard to find as the glazed leather was extremely popular. I'll try to find the style number for you.
  3. oh wow! thanks loads and btw your pink CC earrings are supercute!
  4. ^Thank you! That's all the info I could find on it though. Good luck on your search!

    I know Chanel Ala Moana had the black glazed N/S modern chain last week. :yes:
  5. oooh hope you find it, its such a gorgeous bag :smile:
  6. It's super nice! I hope you can find her~~
  7. I emailed Denise but she never replied.

    I was wondering if any tpfers seen this bag anywhere?
  8. Wasn't the MC re-called?? I'm not 100% sure that was the one, but it's something to look in to before spending that kind of money in the event that you find one...
  9. Just the new one was recalled. The one with the resin link chainstraps. Apparently, the chains keep coming apart. :tdown: The older ones look very well made to me.