The "Christina Cruise" by Be&D

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  1. I have it in black with a pinkish gold strap.
  2. lucky
  3. That's so nice of you to say.
  4. Sounds cute!
  5. what kind of leather is the Be D? Is it nappa?
  6. nice buy
  7. I don't know what nappa is - The leather is soft and almost delicious but the strap gets ALL the attention.
  8. I love that bag. Actually, it is what I plan on getting my sister for Christmas!! Their leather is the sofest leather immaginable!!
  9. I think I'm repeating myself here - but EVERYONE admires my "Christina Cruise" and NOBODY knows where in the world it came from - I LOVE that!!! I have a great Dior bag but it has a large DIOR on the front of it (I wouldn't buy it again if I had it to do over)) and I find myself covering the large plate with my arm - I hate to look like I'm showing off.
  10. Exactly why I am not toally diggin' logos right now. I think there are so many other beautiful bags without logos that I love, and that way I know I'm wearing the bag because I love it- not because of the brand ;)
  11. I think this may be the new direction - If you have a thousand dollar bag under your arm, you're the ONLY one that needs to know it. Others will admire it and that's so satisfying. We all want to be admired for our style.