The Chloe Paraty Bag - got mine today and I love it! *PICS*

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  1. Well arrived this morning!:yahoo:

    Presenting my Black Paraty :heart::heart::heart:


    Any modelling pics?
  3. Gorgeous!!! Congrats on such a beautiful bag :biggrin:
  4. :drool::drool::drool: Congrats.:yahoo: Is it heavy?
  5. I love this bag! I personally think it is the best style bag since Phoebe Philo left and I reckon it'll be a big seller for Chloe :tup:

    I have what they call the "small" size Paraty but to be fair it holds a bit more than a regular paddy and looks about the same size as it when worn - a bit deeper/taller in fact. More a "Medium" bag :yes:

    There are pics of Ashley Olsen wearing the bag messenger but she must be very tiny as I can't comfortably wear it messenger and I'm only 5ft 4 and 110 lbs myself :Push: She must be a dot! lol!

    Here's some more pics: -



  6. gorgeous! the "small" is plenty big -- i think the "large" will be huge. i am anxiously awaiting mine in "rock."
  7. It's not as heavy as Paddy and Heloise but not as light as say a b-bag. It's comfortable I think :yes:

    The leather is luscious and thick as you would expect from Chloe - slightly pebbled and most like Paddy leather : -


  8. The large is like a travel bag - that will be heavy :Push:

    Ahhh Rock is a lovely colour - my next fav after black. The brown is like a mauvey, washed brown. This bag would be great in a deep Chloe Chocolate...maybe they'll release one next season:nuts:
  9. oh i love its shape!

    i want one!!!
  10. The style is great - the long handle is rolled and plump like a long sausage! The hardware is fab and I love the gathered leather detailing :heart: But there are some things pockets. There is just one smallish zippered pocket inside. I like a few pockets for my bits and bobs but hey ho, I'll get used to it! :P The opening is quite small as well I guess. But I'm just splitting hairs - all in all in is a stunner and bound to be a winner for Chloe :woohoo:
  11. ok, sorry for all the posts...I have guests here right now so can't be on-line long so thought I'd out it all down for you before I log off :heart:

    I did take some quick modelling pics as soon as I got in from work. They're a bit dodgy but it will give you some idea. Best looking at Kate's pics I think though :shame:


  12. very classy!!! love it on you!
  13. Beautiful!! I just love it!! I couldn't decide between the black or brown so I was put on the waitlist for both. Based on what you're saying, I should go with the black. Did you happen to see the pink oner? From what I was told it suppose to be a "washed out" pink. Almost a beige color. I did hear that the large one was more of a tote.
  14. Thank you soooo much for all the great details and fabulous pics....This is a great help for when I decide to get one!
    I LOVE IT and it looks extra fabulous on you....:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  15. Congrats!
    Thanks for posting!
    This bag is growing on me... You are always the first one to get the new styles...
    Your modelling pics are good as well... Keep them coming (in a Balenciaguesque way)