The Chloe deals, were they ever this inexpensive??

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  1. Were the Chloe deals ever this good in the past?? I have been lusting for Chloe for years, but am never been able to cross the $1K mark for a handbag. But, this year, it seems that Chloe is really slashing prices. What is going on??? I am sure it will damage the resale values (even though I am going to keep mine for a long, long time:yahoo::yahoo::heart::heart::heart:). Now, before I buy anything, I will compare the prices with the deals and wait, and wait, ....wait....till prices drop!

    Do you believe this is just a end of designer/era sale?? With a new designer on board, maybe the co is trying to take the brand in a different direction. Or, that is the trend of luxury handbags?? Mark them up, way up, sell enough to meet profit projection and dump the rest of them like dirt. Well, Apple just did it with their iphone, price drop of 33% in 3 months.... What do you think, ladies?
  2. i think it's the state of the economy:hrmm:...for the most part, i think people are being more careful with luxury design purchases...i've noticed an extreme drop in eBay sales as well since around february....
  3. If you are willing to wait a little or compromise on color, there are definitely deals to be had. I wish I was that patient! :p
  4. Great question! Actually there have always been good deals as long as I have been on the board but the sales from established online retailers were where to look: Aloha Rag, Net-A-Porter, Neiman's and Bergdorf's Last Call (online only), Bluefly, Intermix, etc. but it was rare to score a Paddy at $600 or so. Sacoche in Bahrain appeared with fantastic deals from an authorized Chloe boutique and the savings happened on the season's latest bags. I think the shopping savviness of Purse Forum members with the sharing of information GLOBALLY has upped the ante on savings. Now we are telephoning odd little boutiques around the country - or countries - and SA's are helping us track down our hearts' desires at the best prices wherever they may be. This wasn't so prevalent before. We collectors get a kick out of the sleuthing. Heck - even Purse Forum members are becoming famous! (Witness the article in the NY Times Fashion issue about us.)

    I'd say within the last year handbag sales have just gone through the roof and prices are climbing at an alarming rate. Two thousand dollars suddenly has become an acceptable amount to spend. Handbags are great as fashion fixes for many reasons - you don't have to be a certain size or age - you wear them a lot - they give you instant fashion credibility and... they are practical!

    Chloe styles by Phoebe Phylo are preferred by collectors but retailers who market at full price need NEW merchandise to try to sell at full retail. The older stuff can be had at a bargain - usually better bargains the older they get. Although, some rare '05's can still command a pretty penny. The new designs can be slow to catch on and don't inspire the buying frenzies that past issues have inspired. I see that Aloha Rag, Intermix, Diabro, Barney's, etc. aren't stocking nearly the amount of Chloe bags they have in the past. They don't make as much of a profit on slashed sale prices.

    Personally I don't think there is any economizing at the designer levels. We are going nuts spending money on bags - just look at all the Coaches around. So we can just be happy with the deals cropping up around us. Will they get better? It all depends on whether or not Paolo can come up with some powerful IT bags and leave the older bags in the dust. And then those too will go on sale sometime somewhere.....
  5. divnanata - WOW! perfectly articulated!
  6. Hey Nat it was your sage advice which is making me wait for designer bargains. I paid full retail two times on a designer purse/boots, never again. I believe the escalading CC charges (especially since I joined this lovely forum) has finally delivered the swift, reality kick in the gut for me. The highs are devine but payback is a Bi+@H, literally.

    Forced purse ban till Spring 08.
  7. Thanx, divnanata. After I joined the forum, one thing that I learned is that I won't pay full retail for a handbag again!
  8. Divnanata:drinks:well said!!!!
    I too don't think I could pay retail again:nogood:! Yet, before I found this forum I paid retail all the time:noggin:. Glad those days are
  9. I wonder if NM overstocked them, waited too long to put them on sale or bought the last ones from Chole? Saks used to sell them in their department store, but I have not seen any at their outlets. No matter what NM did, it doesn't matter because the deals are working for me!
  10. I agree with the not paying retail. But I often have to make a compromise on color and take a second choice. Not that it's a bad thing, but sometimes I come off wishing I had just bought the one I really wanted.
  11. i seriously cannot believe how many were available at this great price. i hope everyone that wanted one got one and in the color they wanted too! thanks for the help everyone too! otherwise i was going to pay about $200 more on eBay......
  12. i posted this under another thread but this might be a better place for it... can someone please clarify what is a good deal on a chloe? i'm interested in the chloe paddington satchel in the regular (ie medium) size in either a black or brown color.

    i definitely don't want to pay retail if deals are to be had (i'm not comfortable buying on ebay either).

    please help! thanks in advance.. :smile:
  13. Tabprincess, for me, personally, a good deal is at least 50% off. Most of my Chloe's I have purchased at 60% or better (a couple at 30%). Neiman Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th offer discounts on designer bags, and then on top of that they will run promotions of additional discounts. There are good seasonal sales at the regular retail stores/and various web sites. Be patient, the sales will come, but stay aware, they go fast, especially the Paddies.
  14. ^^llson, have you seen a paddy at 50% off? If so, where did you get it? My best deal, so far was the Bloomies promo where you got what amounted to appox. 38% off for me. I know others may have gotten a bit smoother deal from what I heard.

    Was your latest paddy purchase at half off? I remember you got a steal on it. I'm still waiting for an invite to shop with you. You find some great deals. When you run out of money, can I come along? :roflmfao:
  15. That Bloomies deal (38%) was pretty sweet, that's first choice, quality merchandise.

    My 'just recent' Paddy came from NMLC, it's the large front pocket in moka, it was marked down to $1053. The store had another 20% off (which I believe ended yesterday), and I have a Neiman's charge card (when used I get another 5% off), so the total cost with shipping, etc. was around $850--$860. The bag retailed originally for $1620. So basically, it ended up being half off with the additional discounts.

    I'm always glad to share my great deals --I have a couple of SA's that let me know when the 'next' markdown(s) will be, so I will post that info on the forum when I get it. Last year I got a nice thank you note from one of my SA, she generated several thousand $$'s in sales from tPF, so they are more than happy to let us know when the sales are happening--we have quite a network of purse enthusiastics.

    Also, if you can get on the e-mail mailing lists of Saks Off 5th, NMLC, you get advance notice of the additional sales. (Saks is having an addition 40% off some of their merchandise now.) Then, I basically just call around to some of the different locations--lately the NMLC stores have had some great bags and Paddies were available. I do find that the stores sometimes differ on shipping and what discounts are being offered, as well as inventory.

    We have some wonderful, sharing PF members who also share the great deals they find. It pays to check the threads several times a day..........and become totally addicted and obsessed!! LOL