The Children's Place-Extra 30% Off

  1. Thanks! Just ordered some more back-to-school clothes and shoes for my daughter.
  2. Thanks, ordered the rest of my Xmas gifts. Done!
  3. Thank you very much! Just placed a huge order :smile:
    BTW, there's a free shipping coupon FSFAMILY.
  4. Is the additional 30% reflected in the current price of each item, or is there a code that I'm missing that you must input? The ad says "additional 30%"...I'm confused!!:confused1:

    Please help me out here...Thanks!!
  5. I just assumed the additional 30% is already reflected. Some of the items that I remember seeing recently at full price or barely reduced were priced less, and a lot of sizes were already gone, so I just went ahead and placed an order. I think the add says "select styles", so just see what you like and if the price seems good go for it :smile:
  6. Thanks ikny. I have a friend that is expecting a little boy in October, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to buy a gift. Don't know if you live near a nice Dillards, but I buy a lot of incredibly nice baby clothes there at the end of the season for incredibly low prices. It enables me to give nice gifts w/o spending a lot of money.