the chicken place

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  1. ok, indulge me a little here. my parents are going to prtugal this weekend til christmas and im missing it so much, i want to go with them.

    to cheer myself up to day i went to nandos (a portuguese chain restaurant here in the UK)

    but it is no comparison to the chicken place, its a town in portugal that is famous for it peri-peri chicken. the best place to get it looks like a wharehouse from the outside, inside is just rows and rows of tables.
    everyone sits down and you get a huge bowl of potatoes, a huge bowl of chicken, a salad and a pitcher of beer. there is no menu and everyone eats together and chats to complete strangers. i love it

    if anyone ever goes to portugal you have to check it out.
  2. Oh, sounds yummy! Never had Portoguese food!
  3. OMG I freakin' LOVE Nando's! It's my FAVORITE, I am dreading going back to the states because they don't have it there! I feel like I need to go to portugal now to try this! Where in portual is this place?
  4. I love Nandos! I have it almost every day LOL I should get a job there!