The Chic Popincourt Club!!

  1. Welcome to the Popincourt club!!

    1) Which one do you have?
    2) Is it your primary bag?
    3) Is it your FAVEEEEEEE out of your collection?

    1) Popincourt
    2) It used to be until i got my speedy 25 as the speedy 25 is roomier!!
    3) for the shape, YESSSS!!! :yahoo:
  2. 1. mine is the Popincourt Haut
    2. i have no primary bag :lol:
    3. i have no favorites either :upsidedown:

    popincourt haut.jpg
  3. amazing bag!
  4. here is my Popincourt Haut...I love it but I can't pick a fav...and I try to rotate all of my bags =)

  5. my popincourt!
  6. I have a popincourt. It's not my primary bag and I try to rotate my bags to give the others a chance to breathe:P
  7. My Popincourt Haut is the only Monogram bag I own! I love the general shape - in fact most of my bags are similar in shape to the Popincourt and Houston.
  8. Yay for popincorts! My first piece!

  9. Wouldn't the Popincourt look great in Damier?
  10. Yes, I think so:yes:
  11. I have the Popincourt Haut also and it is my first and only LV handbag.
  12. i have been dying to do a SO damier popincourt.....then you guys think the handles will be rolled handles still?

  13. Heres my Popincourt Haut. Boy I really need to buy a digital camera so I can stop using my blurry phone one.

  14. 1) Popincourt Haut
    2) Between this and Petit Noe
    3) YES!!! I :heart: this bag!
  15. I am in the club!

    1) Which one do you have?Popincourt Haut
    2) Is it your primary bag? No, I switch about once a month.
    3) Is it your FAVEEEEEEE out of your collection? It is one of my favorites.
    popincourt haut.JPG