The Chevron is here *pics*

  1. I *love* the clasp on this bag but the leather is very soft and delicate. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

    This is the bag they had on the NM Chanel Invite for Fall. I saw it in June at the spring show and that was actually the only bag I liked. It is now completely sold out. Not sure if that is good or bad. I always like the out of the ordinary CC bags - not the IT bags.

    Size is approx: 9 1/2 x 5 x 2 1/4

    Thoughts: Trendy, classy, classic? Keeper or Returner?

    BTW: I've nicknamed this The Chevron bag. Not sure if it has a real name or what. I guess I could check on the box - LOL!





  2. Wowza! That is a keeper! And very classy! It's beautiful and elegant.
  3. Keeper! BTW I had the pleasure of watching your avatar the other night since she is the star of the new musical Young Frankenstein.
  4. OMG if that was jumbo I would be searching and searching. Keeper!!!!!!!
  5. I love the clasp too ! So classy and elegant. The whole bag is so unique and interesting. It looks amazing! I never saw that before, Love it!

    Haha love your nickname. :smile:
  6. Oh my god you better keep that bag, it is stunning! The clasp is so beautiful and detailed and the "chevron" pattern of the leather is looks so soft. Love it!
  7. I have to be the dissenter here. I love the clasp, but not crazy about the chevron pattern.
  8. The clasp kills me! i finally saw the astrakhan flap today IRL and i definitely prefer your chevron bag to it. yowza you have a cool looking bag.
  9. Beautiful. I also love that clasp. Very unique.

    It has a BV flavor to it.
  10. I like it alot. The "Chevron" style leather is beautiful and I love the clasp.
  11. Gorgeous Bag. If u r hard on your bags think twice if u decide to keep it. I am hard on mine and don't like the feeling of having to worry about it when I use it. But otherwise it is a keeper. It is stunning, congrats:tup:.
  12. i think this is definitely a keeper, it's very unique and the clasp is gorgeous!!
  13. That bag is stunning!!! I love it - a keeper!!!
  14. I should go find your collection because I feel exactly the same way :smile: But the bag is really very interesting and unique - I bet the leather is amazing to touch. LOVE the closure detail. Congrats!!

  15. Wow I love it! Definitely a keeper for me, I must keep a look out for it at my store.