The Chevaliere 58 Ring

  1. I bought the chevaliere ring today and its a great piece! I'd like to share pics of it.

    It's my first ring but I am still not used to wearing rings. I hope get used to it. If not, I was thinking about getting the Victoria pendant or bracelet from the S/S show. I tried those on today as well. Any opinions on that?

    I ordered the kamaa derby in gold. I'm counting the days. :yes:
    chev1.JPG chevpackging.JPG view1.JPG pendant.JPG kamaa.JPG
  2. Congrats!!! I like the pendant too :drool: get it!

    PS: I like that box, it's so cute! :biggrin:
  3. Lovely! Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats.
  5. Love the shoes, can't wait to see the pics
  6. ooo V nice! Congrats! xx
  7. congrats on the ring! i've got that and the tiger-eye and i wear one almost everyday. they're my faves. not too crazy about the Victoria pendants. the Kamaa will be stunning - literally. cheers!
  8. I love that ring!
    The way to get used to it is to wear it daily even while sleeping & then you will feel naked without a ring;)
  9. Ver+y nice!
    do you know +the+ price+ of the pendant I love it get it!
  10. Congrats, the ring is stunning! Very classy!
  11. congrats!!
  12. Hella cute ring. :smile: Congrats!
  13. That ring is very striking! Congrats! Keep wearing it everyday and it will soon be a part of you!
  14. The pendant is $430 or $450 USD. I don't remember sorry. Whenever I am in LV I go gaga for everything and I sometimes I don't pay attention when my SA is telling me something. :nuts:
  15. congrats!