The Cheshire Collection

  1. I said I'd post a family portrait when my Ink City came, so we went out and had a photoshoot today. :yes:

    My neighbour was looking down from his balcony, and I think he thinks I'm mad. I guess he's probably right.

    Black Brief, Black Oval, Rouge Vermillion City, Black Day
    Ink City, Blueberry Makeup, Grenat City Sapin Mini Coin, White First, Blue Glacier First
    Cornflower City, Black Money, Emerald City

    Except for my RH Magenta City, Marigold First and the French Blue First HG, I feel very, very content. :heart:





    PS - To the mods: if collection posts aren't allowed any more please take this down... I don't think they have been banned, but I don't want to cause trouble either. :hrmm:
    Family Portrait1.jpg Family Portrait2.jpg Family Portrait3.jpg Stack.jpg
  2. We never get tired of looking at Bbag pictures.:nogood: Amazing collection.:drool: Enjoy them in good health.:heart:
  3. :droool: Amazingggg!

    Is the Emerald o6? Can I ask you how the leather is, if so?
  4. Verty the leather on Emerald Green is very thick and smooshy.:tup: You will love it and it will look awsome with your skin tone and hair. :yes:I just got an EG Day today and i love it.:yahoo:
    IMG_2580 (2).JPG
  5. ^She's right! I love the colour to death. My leather was kind of flat and blah at first, but once you start using it, it fluffs out very quickly. Now it's amazing!
  6. OMG mine is fluffy too.:yes: Just like marshmallows.:p
  7. Cheshire....bow down to the bbag princess! :cutesy:

    Your collection That's all I have to say! Living in Seattle are you nervous wreck every day you take her(s) outside (b/c of the rain). :sweatdrop:
  8. Holy Hot Handbags Batgirl!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I want to dive right in!!!
  9. Lol, lordguinney no - they all go out in the rain and they all take it like troopers. I Apple Garded the white First, but all the others are au natural and I haven't had any ill effects from rain. :smile:

    Bbags are tougher than we give them credit for!
  10. ooooh wow! what a big family!! :drool::tup: I think u might have a bigger collection than the Holt Renfrew store here
  11. Wow girl! The collection just keeps on budding! Love the color and style choices you've made. I think I'm forever going to regret not jumping on that white First ;) SUPERBE!!
  12. ooohhhh, I love the blues!!!:drool:
  13. OMG Great Collection
  14. Great collection! Love all the blues :smile:
  15. Lovely, lovely collection. :drool: