The Cheesecake Factory

  1. With all the fabulous, family-owned restaurants in Chicago, I admit that I still adore The Cheesecake Factory. I dragged SO there last night where he complained it was tacky, overpriced and awful. I guess I have great memories of eating there with my sorority sisters -- that was always our place of choice. But yes, I can admit it's tacky, and I can admit that I should probably be spending money on some mom-and-pop owned local businesses (here's my yuppie guilt for all to see).

    Do you like The Cheesecake Factory? Do you go often?

    I think the Famous Meatloaf is fantastic. Almost better than the Tuxedo cheesecake I order afterward! :shame:
  2. i've eatten there twice, and i have to admit i wasn't *that* impression is kind of like your boyfriend's, actually, lol. i had chicken dishes both times and they both sort of had the same flavor to them...kinda the way that food at fast food places sort of always has that same taste to everything else they make...i dunno, i'm with your boy on this one.

    but my favorite place to eat here is Bojangles, where you can get the two pieces of spicy fried chicken, mac and cheese, a biscuit, and french fries for $5.99, so what do i know?
  3. We've eaten there once. The food was fine. But the cheesecake was divine.
  4. I have only eaten there once and was amazed at how huge the portions are. Too big...IMO. I went with two friends and we each ordered the Caeser salad. The salads were so big that we could have ordered one and split it three ways.

    I'm not a cheesecake fan but my friends liked theirs.
  5. I work next door to the one here, and I have to say I'm not all that impressed. Their iced tea is not iced tea at all. It's awful.
  6. I've been there twice with my boyfriend and we didn't like anything there except the cheese cake. The portions are huge and I can never finish them. Meat loaf does sound really good right about now though...
  7. I like their food! Especially the Chicken Marsala. And the cheesecake..yumm...
  8. Cheesecake-great
    chicken fingers-good
  9. I love the Factory appetizers... and the Cheesecake.
    I love that rye bread, Buffalo blasts are yummy and I think it's louisiana chicken?? the cheesecake is TDF love it all I want a cheesecake factory in the UK (near my house please!!)
  11. I love the Cheescake Factory! I go for my Birthday every year and get the same thing.

    Crabcake appetizer, Ceasar Salad (shared), Teriyaki Chicked, and Vanilla Bean Cheescake.
  12. As a chain, I find the food good. My favorite item on the menu is the avacado spring rolls... YUMMM
  13. It is my favorite restaurant. Great for luncheon and casual dining. The portions are big, so I always take the leftovers home. This way, I get to try additional dishes without feeling guilty about the calories.

    I tried the restaurant in Menlo Park, NJ, LA, and Wakikki, and I fing the found pretty consistent.

    As for the cheesecake, I always skip them. How can one fit that it after having the big portion of entrees? Besides, I prefer the Brooklyn cheescake (freshly baked from the bakery).
  14. i love it! i get the chicken romano. i love the big portions so i can eat half then and eat the other half for another meal. their desserts are great, i love the chocolate peanut butter cookie dough and oreo cheesecakes.
  15. Mmmmmm, avocado spring rolls!