The cheek of it!

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  1. I was in Bath with a friend yesterday. Sunny day so I wore seude boots, navy heavy linen skirt & navy & white striped top - felt pretty good. (You need this info for what comes next!)
    We went into East for a browse & an older SA marches straight up to me & barks 'have you tried a belt? It would pull you in and disguise everything else'! :wtf:
    Not 'you look great but do you know what could make it look even better?' - subtext clearly was 'my god, you've a lot that needs disguising!'
    I was so gobsmacked that for a minute I just stood there completely taken aback and then replied 'have you tried a gag?', tossed my hair, swung pink Hanover onto my shoulder & marched out!!! :lol:
  2. Good God was it Trinny or Susannah!
  3. Wouldn't have been so bad if it were! Just some jumped up East SA!!!
  4. Did she think you were trying on??? What a nerve!
  5. I had literally just walked in the shop & had just got to the first rail! My friend couldn't believe her ears! We were howling with laughter about it all the way down Milsom St!!
  6. Just who do they think they are ??? All budding stylists!
  7. oh my god, that is so awful. i would be seriously tempted to speak to her Manager!
  8. Actually SJ I went in there when I was in Bath with the princess and they do notice you , one woman shouted across from the till "There's more upstairs".I thought that was strange.
  9. Well at least she didn't grab your boobs and tell you you were wearing the wrong bra :roflmfao:
  10. That's unbelievably rude! At least you managed to think on your feet and put her back in her place. Blimey! How dare she. Don't know how you stayed calm!
  11. I think I would have grabbed the belt, said thanks and then slapped her with it!!!! God how rude. And I suppose she was "all that" was she??? Some people have no bloody manners at all!
  12. lol @ "have you tried a gag" - thats exactly what she needed to hear, hopefully she'll think twice before insulting another customer with unwanted advice next time. Surprised they have any customers left.
  13. Bloody hell, that's awful. Did they really just come out with that? No niceties at all?
    Glad you had a retort though, if it had been me I would probably just have gone bright red and ran away...
  14. I am quite surprised...and yet not surprised at all. So many people are clueless. Just take a deep breath, and realize this is not about you, this is about her. (I'm channeling Oprah!). She is her own worst enemy.
  15. Yep, the first thing she said to me was the belt bit!