The cheapest place in the world to buy LV

  1. Hi,

    lately I've heard everyone talking about LV prices in Singapore and Canadian pricing... But where is the best place to buy LV if your an American?

    I heard that France and Italy have the best deals. I know in Japan LV is extremely expensive. Has anyone been to LV in Mexico?
  2. Canadian pricing isn't that great, neither is Singapore's prices. If you have a buying history with them, it would be best to get LV from Hawaii.

    As for cheapest place to buy LV in the world, there are tons of threads about this already, the answer is France.
  3. Yup definitely France.
  4. I guess france, but only if you get the tax back.
  5. thanks
  6. Yes, France! Our friends who go to France get their LVs there. They're about $100-$200 cheaper (speedy and papillon, IDK about the rest).
  7. oooooh goodie! funny isnt it? even though the euro is climbing high!
  8. Are french prices the same as any country that charges Euros? in which case all of the EU (except UK) is cheapest. Even more so when you convert from £££ :biggrin:
  9. french prices are slightly lower than other euro countries. i know portugal is about 5-7% more than france, its not much but if you are buying a lot it soon adds up.
  10. Ahh, I did not know that. Thanks