The cheapest Chanel bag...

  1. I'd like to know what is the less expensive Chanel bag and how much is it !!!:smile:
  2. Do you mean retail price or good deals from eBay and more?
  3. Retail price:yes:
  4. Gosh...I just do not think
  5. Yes..It's right!:yes:
    But I'm just curious to know from what price that bags starts..
  6. minimum should be 1k aussie dollar
  7. Inexpensive Chanel is an oxymoron -- since Feb 1 one can place an exclamation point after oxymoron!!
  8. Before the price increase, I think the cheapest Chanel bag I ever saw was the quilted clutch for $895.
  9. I got a gorgeous brand new Eiffel Tower classic flap from the 2006 Spring Runway Resort collection for $820, shipping included.
  10. The new pochette Cotton Club is just over $700.
  11. Which bag is that? Is there a pic anywhere?
  12. I posted it in the "Pictures of your classic flap thread".
  13. Hang on, let me find it and link it! :smile: