The cheapest Birkin

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  1. Hello there
    this is my first thread in this forums, and i hope to get response from y'all :rolleyes:
    i was wondering what is the cheapest Birkin? because am planning to get one and i can't afford an expensive one :crybaby:
    I'd be thankful if u guys can put some pics!
    thank yew in advance
  2. There is no such thing. Sorry.
  3. Hi byootiful and welcome!

    Buying a new Birkin from a store will cost about $7000 and up. You may, however, be able to get a good deal on a vintage or pre loved Birkin from a reseller.
  4. I agree with Rose. Check the list of resellers of authentic Hermes and check regularly what they have. I am frequently surprised at what they have (positively) and what prices they place on bags (some quite reasonable). But be prepared to watch and wait.
  5. OMG My exact reaction!

    Dont want to be mean,but there is NOTHING cheap about Hermes,so if you are after more afordable bags,Hermes is not your label.....................
  6. ^^^ There are more affordable Hermes bags than the Birkin, however. These are also beautifully made.
  7. Welcome, byootiful!

    As usual, Rose (who's our resident kind and gentle spirit) has come up with great ideas.

    Before you absolutely set your heart on a Birkin, look around tPF and see some of the other beautifully made H bags. You might be surprised at what you fall in love with.
  8. ^^ I agree Rose is really kind :flowers:
  9. ^^I second that,Rose you are the nicest member around here,as soon as i joined this forum i recognised that. :flowers:
  10. :blush: awww, thank you.... everyone has been incredibly nice and helpful to me, love you all :heart:
  11. Wow...I'm a bit shocked at the first few posts until Rose replied with a classy, friendly, and non-elitist one.

    Look, not everyone is familiar with Hermes or Birkin. Let's be nicer to the newbies and point them in the right direction, rather than laughing in their face for not knowing any better. Maybe "cheap" wasn't the most correct word to use when asking about how to find the least expensive Birkin. I think we are all intelligent enough to know what Byootiful meant with her question.
  12. ^^^^^
    ITA not very nice those first few scathing comments!

    Welcome to TPF Byootiful!
  13. Unfortunately it seems to me that the birkin is not a bag that you can exactly get a great or even 'good' deal on -- even used....some of the other, less in-demand Hermes bags cost a lot less especially when sold by resellers. E-bay is a great place to check out for prices/sizes/colors -- or you can work your way around this section as there are tons of pics and opinion!! The bolide is a favorite bag of mine and is somewhat similar to the birkin in that it has 2 handles -- although it also has a zip top and a shoulder strap too! Good luck - oh and there are a lot of smaller and lesser expensive items Hermes does well - bracelets, scarves, and small leather goods...
  14. Hi Sweetie!! I'm glad you're here!

    Yes...there are other bags that are inexpensive or rather quite affordable. They may not be a Birkin exactly..BUT they are the same high quality, amazing craftsmanship and colorful shades there is.

    Case in point, The Evelyne. It's not a Birkin, but it's affordable. Not a lot of people have it...BUT it is definitely eye catching, versatile and a conversation stopper, especially if the color is "you cant stop looking at it" type, like the Reds, Oranges, Blues etc.

    Check it out.

    Welcome Aboard!
  15. Welcome, byootiful:smile: You were given some great advice in the later posts.

    When you have time, read as much as you can here.... You'll come away with all kinds of information and there's a section on Hermes inventory in the stores. It helps to hear other's experiences too, which, I suspect is why you came here.

    We're glad to have you!
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