The Charming Charms

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  1. I thought it was time for this club:smile:

    Someone come join me!

  2. Yay, I can join! I'm watermarking my picture ;)
    Taupe Cabas and Fuchsia Pochette..
  3. :love: :love: Gorgeous!!
  4. Gorgeous pics! These bags photograph so well :heart:
  5. I really like the mini pochette!!
    nice collection!
  6. Love everything:love: I want the shoes!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Love it Michelle!
  9. I just fell in love with this line... yesterday! I was shocked myself cos I never paid attention to this line at all.

    I love the Fuchsia Pochette and the Cles!
  10. :yes: my only one
  11. Awesome stuff ladies! I would love to see this style in a dark blue
  12. Gorgeous Cles, vivian!
  13. I just ordered a white charms cles. It should be here next week ..its for my best friend's big birthday, I hope she likes it.
  14. I'm sure she will, I think it's gorgeous! I'm in :yahoo:
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