1. I don't know of any physical locations but is boasting 50% off.
  2. ^i saw that. but is it a legitimate store, and not knock-offs??? i don't know the brand at all to know the difference/authenticate...
  3. :tdown: This isn't the official website, so I would not purchase from here
  4. Fake fake fake!
  5. ITA the Paloma is so pretty. This same season she did a platform wedge with the ruffle back that is to die for. Couldn't find it anywhere.
  6. i thought i saw either Saks or bg now stocked them?
  7. Bergdorf/ NM but only a few styles
  8. A little bouncing around the web came up with these. :nuts:

    Not too wild about the Carmen Miranda ones though.
    Charlotte_Olympia_.jpg charlotte-olympia-black-court11.jpg charlotte_olympia_mercury.jpg charlotte-olympia-pink-shoe.jpg Charlotte Olympia.jpg
  9. The colors!! The colors!!!
    charlotte-olympia-spider-web-sole-example.gif charlotte_olympia_green_ivy_court_shoe_535.jpg nostalgist-Charlotte-Olympia-shoe.jpg ShoeSmitten-5807-full.jpg Charlotte_Olympia-PALOMA-red.large.jpg
  10. i got an email from my NM SF SA that they just received 3 pairs in store yesterday...

    please contact him if interested:
    Todd Peurala
    415-362-3900 ext 2230

    here are some pics:

    also, for those lucky ladies in london, i saw this sample sale invite for tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 27.
    shoes range from 100-300 GBP, sizes 36-41

    for those who get to go, please let us know how it was!!!
    CO1.jpg CO2.jpg CO3.jpg COsamplesale.jpg
  11. :nuts: I am in love with these!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. kirna zabete, a store in NYC also carries them...their website will be stocking them soon.
  13. Ive been a busy girl with an older but a goodie reveal!!! Charlotte Olympia Ophelia Pumps!
  14. what a beautiful shoe, congrats windelynn!!!
  15. Amazing! They are so gorgeous.