1. These are comfortable but the only bad comment i have is that the flap at the back sometimes flips out...not sure if i am explaining this properly.

    They style is called Immodesty
  2. The fruit covered pumps:nuts:

    (picture credit to:

    The leather&suede version is available for pre order on Luisaviaroma!:amuse:
  3. i just discovered this brand... and can i say LOVE :love:

    love the colors, shapes, materials, platforms!!!

    great, just what i need, another obsession! :p

    for those who own a pair, what is the sizing like? for reference, almost all my Louboutins are size 35.5 - 36... i'm afraid to buy online without trying them on first, because i'm not sure how they will fit.

    :ty: and i can't wait for the online website to start selling shoes soon!!!
  4. hi C, you'll LOVE Charlotte Olympia.....her shoes are the best IMO.....I think you'll be a 35.5-36 in her shoes as well (FYI I'm a 36 in her shoes and you know my CL sizing lol). Do you know if her shoes have started trickling in at the BG shoe lounge?
  5. hi foxy!!! [​IMG]

    fancy seeing you on here :p

    i know that she was at BG for a shoe signing today, and so they are carrying a few of her styles (only 5 when i talked to an SA today):

    i'd love to try them on before purchasing... i'm excited to own my first pair... what styles do you have, and what would you consider are her "classic must-have styles"?
  6. Hi Carlinah! not foxy, but I think her classic style would be the dolly.

    I loooove her but dont own any yet:sad: they styles are so limited here and sells out in a heartbeat.

    JSYO the flagship store in London ships worldwide:graucho: i keep wanting to order but am worried about sizing.
    s/s 11 on FB!/album.php?aid=52502&id=123154434364710
  7. anyone know if the shoe in between the rio and dolly is CO too? style?
    Thank you!

    the fruits are soo cute! but i don't think I could pull them off
  8. The shoe in btwn is CO, yazzie. I have no idea about the style name-would like to know too.
  9. thanks llgin!
  10. I love the Paloma style too! The thing I like most about CO shoes is how cool the platform looks :p
  11. me too Yazzie, should have gotten them from NAP when they first came out.
  12. :yahoo::yahoo:
    I'm a true size 36 and all my CL are also sizes 35-36. I have both Dolly, dolores in a 36 and paloma in a 36.5 which is big. Good luck.
    I'm going to collect my pink suede dolly,s tomo so excited been waiting for them to coming in
  13. clooky001 = please share pics!!!