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  1. did you end up deciding? If not I would have said go for the 33! I get mine a little tight, but they seem to stretch out beautifully after a few wears. (Yes even though the exterior isn't leather!). I have one in velvet (the emoji flats) and one in wicker (the fruit ones).
  2. I have the black velvet kitty flats and they are beautiful and comfortable ( eventually). I usually wear a 37.5 in designer shoes, but needed a 37 in these because they do run a little big, and they will “ give” with wear. I found wearing them the first few times, especially if long periods, caused blisters, but after that, these are extremely comfortable flats! They are worth the trouble as they go with everything and are well made shoes. I had a hard sole added to mine by a cobbler. Good luck!
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  3. same I was extremely impressed!
  4. Does anyone have sizing info on the I Scream? TIA!
  5. i love the kitty flats! they are so comfy and stylish.
    lotsa people give me compliemtns when i wear 'em!

    i wonder how is the comfort level for CO heels?
    any reviews?
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    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
    Hi everyone,
    A newbie here. I've been desperately searching for Charlotte Olympia's SOS heels in anywhere from sizes 37-39! Can anyone help? Does anyone have these and willing to sell? Know where they are online? The only place I've seen them is on a Russian site and I don't speak Russian.
    I'll be forever indebted. Thanks so much in advance. [​IMG]

    Attached Files:

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  7. Different. Novel. Kinda cool. No idea where to get them. Wouldn't they kind of rattle or clink when walking?
  8. Very possibly. I'm a loud walker anyway so now I'd have something to blame it on!
  9. Hi, I want to get my first pair of dollys, and I was wondering what my size would be? I'm an EU37 in high street brands like Zara, a 6.5C in ferragamo vara flats, a EU37 in Chanel, EU38 in Gianvito Rossi plexi heels, and EU 37.5 in Gianvito rossi normal suede pumps.
  10. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone owns her bags and/or wallets and if they're good quality and hold up well?
  11. I own bags and a wallet. I haven't had any problem with them :smile:
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  12. I know I'm late to the game, but could anyone that has a pair of Debbie's please let me know whether you believe they are TTS?
    I've seen suggestions that they are TTS and also suggestions to go up half a size.
    There's no physical stockist where I am. so I can't go into a store to try on.
    I am typically a U.S 8.5 which I equate to a 39.
    Should I stick with 39 or go to 39.5?
    Any help/suggestions appreciated :smile:
  13. My kitties...
    IMG_5302.jpg IMG_5303.jpg IMG_5301.jpg
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  14. I’m a US 6 but I’ve noticed that for designer and international sizes I’m a 5/35.5.
    For reference, I wear:
    35.5 in Charlotte Olympia
    35.5 in Manolo Blahnik
    35.5 in Salvatore Ferragamo
    35.5 in Chanel is very snug for me (I think I would give a 36 a try next time)
    35.5 in Stuart Weitzman boots but 36 in heels

    I hope this helps.
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  15. IMG_4582.JPG

    Here are my new Charlotte Olympia Capri Cats. I can’t wait until spring so I can wear these! Super cute and true to size (I wear a US size 8 and bought these in a 38)!
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