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  1. New to the thread and recently got my first two pairs of COs and a bag. I'm in love with this designer's work, so whimsical and yet so comfortable! Hi to all like-minded gals out there!!!
  2. Gorgeous and so romantic!!! I wonder what your dress looked like!
  3. Hello!
    First time user here :smile:
    Please help me choose the right size for my first CO kitty flat.

    I read so many reviews with different information about size, some people say to go half a size smaller, others half size bigger. And different stores have different size charts! CO size guide says I should buy a 39,5, saks size guide says 39.
    At Zara I`m a 40, when I buy shoes in the US I normally wear 9.

    Should I go for a CO kitty in 39, 39,5 or 40!? :confused1:

    Really appreciate help!
  4. Hi!
    Well I think it all depends on the width of your foot and the type of kitty flat you're getting. I have tried the traditional kitty flat and the espadrille kitty flats. My feet are on the narrower side, so while I'm typically a 6 in just about every designer- even Charlotte Olympia pumps, the velvet kitty flats in 36 were a touch too big and while 35 fit, they were too snug so 35.5 would be ideal for me (half a size smaller). The espadrilles in 36 were really big, I think I probably could've gotten a 35, but that's because of the fabric. I imagine the traditional flats run fairly true to size if you have an average width foot.
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  5. Thanks for your help!
    In the end I ordered 2 pairs in different sizes, one 39,5 (classic black velvet) and one 40 (yellow velvet emoji). Hopefully when they arrive both will fit ok! :smile:
  6. Anyone from Canada who bought shoes from their actual website? If so, were you charged Duties and Taxes? How much?

  7. I'm not a huge shoe girl but I do love Charlotte Olympia. I got this pair of Dotty pumps last week and I am in love!

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  8. Hey, all! I'm new around here (though I've been lurking a while) and I'm not sure where else to ask this. I am OBSESSED with this Charlotte Olympia bag, but of course it's sold out:


    Any suggestions on the best places to look for sold out bags? I figure if anyone would have good strategies on hunting for the ones that got away, it would be you all. :smile: Thank you!
  9. Well, that's different isn't it?
  10. Now that it stunning! I was just at their NYC sample sale and I didn't see it. Your best bet would be to check all the resale sights (real real, tradesy, ebay etc) and see if it pops up. Good luck!

  11. Isn't it?! It was love at first sight. Hopefully someone out there will be ready to part with theirs soon. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. I’m looking to get a pair of the original black velvet kitty flats. Unfortunately, I tried them on today, and I’m between 33 and 34, which doesn’t exist. Would you guys recommend I get the 33– which is a little too tight, but which fits— and have them stretched by the store, or the 34– which is gapping and rubs my ankle, and add a full insole?
  13. I would probably take 34 and pad. Added comfort.
  14. Do they have kid sizes that could possibly fit?
  15. Yeah, I've definitely considered that flats themselves are not always the most comfortable shoe, so adding some kind of padding might be beneficial. I'm just worried about stretching out. It sucks that I've wanted these shoes for so long, but it's very possible that it may just not work out. D:

    Actually, 33 is the largest kids size! That's why there's a gap where 33.5 doesn't exist, since 34 is the smallest adult size.

    Thanks you two!