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  1. full length, but i roll them up!
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  2. My kitty flats are no more - they survived nearly three years of near-constant (I wore them to work most days) wear in the Scottish weather! :sad:
  3. Aww such a shame! Did you have them soled?
  4. Hi, am planing to get my first flat OC kitty, but I'm in between leather or velvet!!!?
    My husband say to go for leather as it's more durable, but am looking for comfort too as I have wide feet and extremely sensitive to New shoes , you know!!
    Any tips??
  5. IMG_1057.JPG
    I got these 50% off today!!!
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  6. IMG_1071.PNG
    These were my wedding shoes.
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  7. I got these but I only wear them around the house.
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  8. Dear Ladies,
    I bought these on sale at
    They had additional 50% off and I already had some store credit, so my shoes came down to only $100! (Normally gilt sells them for $219.97).
    Do you think this is legit?

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  9. FANTASTIC Darling
    Maybe you show some modeling pics

  10. Nice cut. Nice color. Not wild about the platform style though.
  11. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any experience with the sizing for the Cosmic flats? I am a regular 37EU and have found a pair in 37.5. Will they be too big? Thanks in advance!
  12. I am very confused about sizing for the kitty flats. I'm normally a 7, but in chanel ballet flats I'm a 37.5. I read some people say to size down but the CO website says a 37.5 i right for me. There's a pair on eBay in the color I want in a 37.5 Can anyone help?
  13. I would size down. I'm a 6 and a size 36 in some brands. But for designer, I've noticed I'm a 35.5. for Charlotte Olympia, I'm a 35.5.
  14. thanks.