1. I think Charlotte really likes Vivetta!
    Here she is wearing Vivetta watermelon skirt from 2 seasons ago and CO has released a cute watermelon clutch!
    charlotte-dellal-charlotte-olympia.jpg Untitled.jpg
  2. Hi girls, does anyone know how the Oh La La flats run? I'm normally 38-38.5 and found the Kitty flats in 38 slightly narrow across the instep. The Oh La La flats are available only in a 38 or 39, which one should I go for?
  3. hi guys, need some help on sizing. it seems that the dolly's run tts, but i recently found the polly leopard pumps at the rack and it's my tts 8.5. wondering if i should keep it, it seems just a tad tight but it's not excruciatingly painful like some of my louboutins. should i keep them or try to search for a 9? your help would be appreciated. attached are some pics.
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG
  4. Drooling over the shoes in this thread! I wanted to purchase the serena platform pump my tts is 38 but can only find these in a 37.5 and 39 online in the colour I want. Will 37.5 be too small? I have wide feet. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :smile:
  5. I want to say a big THANK YOU to you for your info. I managed to get a pair in my size. As they don't do international shipping, I had to use a freight forwarder. I picked up these kitties today and I am so so happy. Can't wait to wear them out!!
  6. Those are gorgeous. I finally tracked down the Luna pumps in an 8.5, but I really wear a 9 with all the distance running I've been up to lately. I"m in the same boat, and have kept mine so far ... but they haven't been worn yet. :sad:
  7. If they are really painful, I would keep up the search.
    My ostrich gretas were 1/2 size too small, and despite how awesome they were, I had to give up and sell them. Too painful.:nogood:
    Waiting on dollys in 1/2 size up, hoping these work out!!:biggrin:
  8. thanks legaldiva, hope yours workout for you, i'm still debating on mine, the worst part is i had the rack track another size down but no luck!! :sad:( i really like these, but would hate to not be able to wear it comfortably and sell them, as i have done with many beautiful shoes.

    thanks rdgldy, they aren't really painful, they are i'd say bearable and i have been trying them on and off and they do seem to stretch a bit, so i'm not sure if i should continue to do that and see how i feel, i still have 3 weeks before my return deadline. the dollys are tricky too, i tried the black suede dolly in size 9 as it was stated on the Nordstrom site they run half size small but then when i got them they were too big, so when the shoe sale came up a while back i got the dolly in purple with the detachable flower in my tts but then it was too small....urghhhh, seems impossible...and i don't have a weird foot or anything like that..haha
  9. That is a brilliant idea!! I'm going to call today and see if they have any available in other stores ... maybe on an off chance they can track down a pair and I can exchange.
  10. I need some fellow tpf'ers opinion on my shoes. I went nuts for the luna pumps. They were on the bay, but they had two flaws described. One was a slight cut to the moon face design and the second was marks on the sole of one shoe. I noticed the pens marks, but didn't notice the drill marks on the shoes until I received the shoes. The inside of the shoe is ok and the shoes are otherwise new. Do you think the drill marks on the sole and the cut on the design severely devalues the shoes if I ever decide to sell them? I really like the shoes, but I'm wondering if I overpaid for "defective" shoes. Any input would be appreciated. Photos attached! TIA!
    charlotteo.jpg charlotteo2.jpg
  11. I would avoid unless really (really) cheap, as the cut could easily tear more with wear.
  12. They look great on you, depends if you think the material will stretch a bit with wear. If it is going to stop you wearing them I would sell them and keep looking for the perfect pair.
  13. I personally would pass on this, not because of the tear but because of the drill holes at the bottom. I dont want any dirt caught in there and stay there since it will be difficult to clean it out.... Just my two cents...
  14. I would pass because of the tear to the leather of the shoe. It can't be repaired and will only get worse with wear. I have Isaac with Santana Creative maintain my higher end shoes and this is the one area where they can't do anything to repair the shoe. The vampire bites on the bottom are no big deal as they can be either covered or patched/puttied.

    If they were a huge bargain, then love them and wear them:smile:. If you paid a lot....well that is up to you.... GL!
  15. Sagittarius flats mod shots from Wendyslookbook! Adore this entire outfit:heart: