the Charlotte Bag, anyone bought this bag? How...?

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  1. How does the G hardware be attached on the bag? It looks...hmm...dangerous? Easy to fall off? (not sure how to describe it)
    But I love the design a lot! :love:
  2. The fabric and lining go through an open portion of the G ornament and it has screws holding it in place, looks pretty secure to me.

    It's one of my favorite styles :smile:
  3. I loooove this bag! It's so nice in person. It's the top on my wish list for this season. I've tried on the black leather with black guccissima trim on a couple times and the hardward is very secure.
  4. I bought this bag during the one day sale and returned it. It was the black guccissima version. I think I got a bad one because the leather was very wrinkly and too shiny for my taste. It is a sturdy bag and I am in love with the style. I do plan to get it again. Hoping it comes in the light brown leather.
  5. wow don't know much about it , but love the style!
  6. ^thank you for all your info...but any pics?
  7. I'm new to this, so can anyone tell me which reliable online source I can buy authentic Gucci, LV, Dior & Fendi bags??? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  8. You can buy Gucci at Neiman Marcus, Saks on line and Louis Vuitton at or Dior and Fendi can also be purchased at Sometimes has Fendi, Gucci, Dior and a few Chanel. All these sites sell the authentic thing. Good Luck:okay:
  9. Thanks for the reply. I just ordered from this morning. I got Dior Dior Lovely Small Hobo. Hope I made the right choice. Eagerly awaiting my shipment.:sweatdrop:
  10. It's a really nice bag. I'm not sure if they have different sizes but the one that I tried on was a large and it's too big for me (i'm only 5'1"). But I love the design and hardware on the bag! I like the leather one better though.
  11. This bag is beautiful in person but when I tried it on it was HUGE HUGE HUGE. So, if you like a huge bag it's great. Needless to say I didn't buy it!