*The Chanel Waiting Room* Post your goodies-on-the-way here!

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  1. We have a thread like this in CL and it's tons of fun! I thought we might enjoy having one here, too.

    If you have a Chanel purchase on its way to you, share your excitement –*post about it here!
  2. Jetsetgo! this is a great thread for anticipations! :smile:

    I have this on the way to me:

    Distressed Grey Jumbo 2005 Anniversary Reissue.

    This is a pre-owned, gently used. I hope it is as good as it is described and i do not need to return it. Picture taken from Seller.

  3. Wow! That's really beautiful. Congrats, theabcd! I adore grey. I'm going to need to add a grey bag to my collection of these days!
  4. love that anniversary reissue theabcd!

    Great idea JetSetGo! There is also one in the Bal forum and it's a great place to grab a drink and wait :drinkup:

    I am currently waiting on 3 reissues....
    1) Black 227 reissue! Should arrive Tuesday! :yahoo:
    2) 10A grey 226 (special order from Hirsh before the Aug increase... still waiting for it to come in!)
    3) AND I special ordered the lamb purple 226 from Hirsh. It is part of the spring collection, so I have quite a long wait.. but I did not want to chance it, so I HAD to special order it to ensure it will be mine!!
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    Yahooo love the waiting lounge!

    Can't wait for the westminsty, from Hirsh

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    Woo Hoo! Waiting lounge! Great thread JetSetGo!!

    ^^Bevy I can't wait to see your westmisnsty! NYCavalier, ooh that purple lamb is simply divine! I wasn't brave enough to order the lamb...I'm a big klutz! Theabcd...I love the Anny Grey 2.55!!

    Though I don't drink IRL...'cuz I don't like the way my face and neck turn 10C red in two seconds...(I'm such a lightweight)...let's have cyber drinks in the waiting lounge! :drinkup:

    I'm waiting for:
    CC Elastic Small Flap in Brown...next week
    Reissue 227 Dark Blue w/Silver hardware (10A)...expected this month
    Reissue 227 Red w/ghw (Spring 2011)...January to March
  7. ^^^ Yay for cyber drinks! :drinkup:

    I'm so jealous, NYCavalier!
  8. lol
    your cny red ghw will make it!

  9. NYCavalier: is there a pic of the purple lambskin?????? Thx so much!!
  10. Just placed an order for the "love symbols" channel clutch w/ pearls in silver.... Love love love the pearl accents, and the black camellia flower statement ring for NM fall incircle!!! Just hoping their both beautiful IRL!
  11. bevyofpurse : your westminsty is TDF!!! Where did you find her ? Gorgeous! Mind if i ask how much is she?
  12. gaga_ser, the cuff is pretty!

    I am waiting for this, a past collection. Pic from seller. I hope it is as good as it is described too.*crossing my fingers n toes*

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  13. gaga_ser: You saved alot! :smile:

    misspiggy_07: nice bag! gold hardware?
  14. Thanks theabcd, yes it's gold hw And hope the real thing will be as nice as pictured.:biggrin: