The Chanel Ritz bag - other suggestions!!!

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  1. I am in LOVE with the Chanel Ritz bag, the grey washed leatherone, in the smaller size!! Although, at 2500, it is a bit expensive for me, am only 16!! Dont think my parents will stretch quite tht far for xmas!! So, are there any other similar bags, but a bit cheaper, at about $1400?? I particularly like the sloucher style and the strap on the bag!!!
    Here is a pic of the bag I LOVE!!!!
  2. Do you have money of your own to pitch in and your parents can give the rest? It's what I used to do at your age and it worked! :biggrin: I love the grey Ritz. Have you considered the Modern Chain flap bag? It is softer, more distressed leather than the Classic flap and only $1525. It doesn't have the shoulder comfort pads on the chain though, and the chain is thicker too.

    Another suggestion is the Outdoor flap. At $1595, you get a lot of bag for the buck. Again, no comfort pads on the shoulder but the chain is thinner and thus more comfortable.

    If you go to the reference library thread you will find pictures of the Modern Chain flap and Outdoor flap. I saw both in person at Neiman Marcus in Boston and they are gorgeous!
  3. You have incredible taste. I think Roey has some great suggestions. Whatever bag you end up with - guard it and be careful - don't put it down for a minute. There is so much theft in high school and college. But I am sure you probably already know that.
  4. Thx for the advice!! yeh, i love the modern chain flap, tht is soo cute!! but looks a but small, would u say you could use it in the day, or not??
  5. So, do you guys think tht the Modern Chain flap bag is ok for day??