The Chanel Lama Quilted Glazed Wallet in GREEN!

  1. So:huh:o I finally took the plunge and got myself my first Chanel in this incredible green!
    I kept having second thoughts about it after ordering, but when I finally picked it up today for another look -I think I'm sold!

    I never thought I would buy a green wallet, but the glaze and marbling effect was too tempting to resist. I'm a LV girl, but the Vuitton wallets couldn't compare to this -thus I had to divert. :wlae:



    On a side note: I'm wearing the new Chanel Blue Satin Nail Polish and I highly recommand it to those who love dark colors! It's beautiful! ;D


    The color and glaze seems to change under different light, which I love!
    What do you guys think? Too green and bright? Or unique and just right?:heart::flowers:
  2. simply GORGEOUS! Exquisite! I love green too.:tup:
  3. wow - that is absoutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    Love it!
    What is the inside like?
    Is it bigger than a LV PTI?
  4. I think it's unique and just right! I saw the llama skin wallets IRL and all of the colors are absolutely TDF. I love it even more than the camellia wallets, since I think these will be much more durable. The only thing I didn't love was the price tag. :nogood: lol. I want one but it was too expensive for me. You're so lucky! Congrats!
  5. that's hhhhot. I love the green and the quilting LOL

    Dare I ask how much? And what other colours it came in?
  6. The wallet is nice....congrats! I saw this IRL at the store few days ago, it looks really pretty~
  7. cool color!
    PS I am totally wearing the blue satin chanel nail polish right now too!!!! LOL
  8. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Love everything about this wallet! :love:Congratulations!
  10. I think those wallets go for $750? Maybe even $8xx?

    I know I saw it in red, blue, and black. :yes:
  11. That is just really yummy! :biggrin: The green is a great color.
  12. this wallet is beautiful, i've seen the red and the green but i think yours is the prettiest color!
  13. The Green looks yummy! And there's a Black?! :love:
  14. Thanks missisa! Is that very expensive for chanel? I thought they were all around that price... or higher... *gulp*
  15. The camellia wallets were in the $550-620 range (depending on size). These wallets are about $200 more expensive because they're made of exotic llama skin instead of lambskin. The metallic reissue wallets were around the same price if I'm not mistaken. :yes: