the chanel curse...

  1. is it just me or after you get a chanel... you can NEVER go back to anything else??

    it's such a curse for me because, i used to LOVE LV, gucci, etc... (like, LOVEEEE... i'd go through phases where i would DIE for a new louis) but now i'll look at the bags they offer, and think about how i can just invest the money i would be using to buy those bags, and put it towards a chanel!!

    i must admit, the only other bag i love as much as my chanels is my MJ stam, and that's probably because it's soo chanel-esque w/ the quilting!!

    is it a curse, or am i just crazy?? am i the only one this has happened to? (if so, i think i need help! :p) and for those of you afflicted w/ this, have you found anything else that still makes you tingle?

    (personally, i think the only thing that might work for me is a Birkin, but that's also like getting sucked into a black hole, H = the dark side, i've seen it happen to too many pF-ers!! lol)
  2. yep, i started w/ prada then moved onto LV and gucci, but ever since i had my eyes set on chanel, my heart has no room for anything else.
  3. Yup, I just sold my Fendis and am working on clearing out the rest of the closet so I don't have anything to distract me from my Chanels- the only exceptions are 2 LV's and a Dior that was like my late-childhood dream bag that I can't get rid of since i finally got it! In the future, I can only see myself buying Chanels- they are classic and beautiful. Nothing beats the feeling of putting one on your shoulder and knowing it doesn't get any better than this!
  4. I feel the same way - even the LV limited edition pieces don't really get my heart pumping anymore. I love Chanel. :heart:

    I also think H is the dark side. I'm thinking about crossing over beginning of next year :graucho: I am still building my Chanel collection in the meantime!
  5. ...ha ha ha soooo true! It has happened to me, too! I am a total CHANEL brat, now.:hysteric:
  6. too funny... yes, i am scared to go over to H (although i told myself i wasnt allowed to buy a birkin til i was 30, as a matter of principle, but i'm weakening on that!!) although i doubt it, i'm nervous it'll be "goodbye chanel curse, hello get sucked into the black hole that is Hermes, :p)

    good to know i'm not alone on this, echo_23 and takeoutbox!! and even if it is a "curse" -what a good one to have, lol
  7. Chanel is the "worst" because there are so many beautiful styles coming out all the time.
  8. Chanel is the best...but I still buy other just not often that any designers come out with much that I like...I do however want a Birkin 35 soooooo bad...I mean real's so expensive though...I will eventually get one!!!
  9. haha, that's too cute. It definitely is hard to do, but one day there may be something that strikes your fancy and you will turn. If only even for a moment.
  10. Its funny, because I feel the same way, now. My SA called me to tell me that they were having a Gucci trunk show, and it sparked no interest--AT ALL. Only Chanels from now on, I think!
  11. I bought my first one recently, and can't wait for my second. I'm hooked too.
  12. LOL i so relate!!!!
    i do love my Dior, Gucci, Prada(s), Bbag, etc but that's just 'cuz i got them this year...but they really can't compare to Chanel its like trying to convince yourself that the sugarless ice cream is as good as Haagen Daz..............cannot be done!
    you are not crazy!!!!
    the worse Chanel bag is better than the best LV, imo (is there such a thing as a bad Chanel??!! -- well, maybe that one that looked like a pyramid Star Trek thing....)
    i see you're in LA, when i go there twice a year, its practically straight to Chanel on Rodeo Drive right from the airport. don't buy usually, just to bask in the enchantment of the place LOL

  13. LOL, it's so funny to see this thread because I've been looking at different CHANEL bags and trying to figure out what I want. I'm more into LV and Fendi but have been wanting something CHANEL and just can't make up my I see that perhaps I should hold off, hee hee.
  14. I totally feel the same. I love LV, but I feel like its not as much as before. I only have a baby cabas and a wallet, but I'm totally falling for Chanel. I'd love to get the classic bags like a gst or a classic flap. I always think I should put the money towards Chanel, but sometiimes I still have LV withdrawls.

  15. :lol::lol:

    I have evolved into a Chanel brat too! :p