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Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island
NM CA SA has
Black med boy in lambskin with ruth metal available $4200

Cruise boy prices are going up so don't miss this opportunity

PM me for SA info


Hounds and Handbags
Sep 17, 2009

What a stunning velvet/tweed boy! Congratulations!
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Jan 11, 2014
Russia, Moscow
Girls, San2222, kalpanich, about contact SA in Barcelona!)
I spoke with my agent in person and she asked me not to give Here her personal phone number..said that all information you can get by calling the boutique..but I wrote earlier, I might ask her about any bags it in private sms, she always tell me what they now are on sale and what to expect..
And more, this spring I was looking for one bag that was not in boutique Barcelona, my girl found it in another place and handbag brought to Barcelona, where I was able to pick it up!))
Again I will say, if you want to now about the some handbags in Barcelona, I can ask about for you:smile:..But please, understand! Girl talks to me personally, in the evening, after work and to give her phone without her consent I can't, sorry!))

kalpanich...It is difficult to say better in Madrid or in Barcelona.. I bought the bags in both cities))
But I can say that in Madrid boutique sellers well not very friendly((..I don't like it! Reservation to hold a maximum of 1 day!
I was lucky to be in Madrid on the first day of sales of the autumn collection and I bought the amazing Medium Boy black caviar:cool:..
In Barcelona buy for me much pleasant!)) and reservation was once almost a week!!!
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Aug 16, 2014
I need some help and suggestions please - i want to get a boy but cant decide on colour and size. I know i want caviar as i dont want to baby my bag. I travel really light -i only carry cardholder and my iphone 5 everywhere. Maybe a lipgloss and thats it. And im not sure if i should get small or old medium? And with the colour - should i get black, red or navy? Argh! I already have a black classic flap and red WOC.
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