The Chanel "Bowling" bags

  1. I'm new to the Chanel board and I'm very interested in getting the Chanel bowling bag. The one that was very popular years ago, but I was wondering if it was too done or passe to get now?? Or, is it classic?

    If I'm calling it the wrong thing...which I'm sure I am, here are pictures of what I'm talking about.

    I love it!:supacool:
  2. That's officially a Luxury Ligne medium bowler in metallic black.
    It'll always be classic enough IMO.
    They haven't been available for 2 years, check eBay.
  3. Oh no!!!!!!

    It really wasn't for me then, but it is now!!!

    When there is a will, there is a way..
  4. GL in ur search! It's a fabulous bag esp the metallic black is hard to find...the last one sold on ebay was USD2800+
  5. I just bought a patent black one in Dec 07, you can try Neiman Marcus? :smile:
  6. I have this bag in Salmon. I adore it! They are on ebay, and I believe they are coming out again in Patent and Metallic. At least, that is what my SA said. Of course, they could be wrong.

    I do think it is a beautiful bag and not faddish, IMO.

    Good luck!
  7. I saw the new version of this bag in patent black at NM in Bev Hills the other day. The SA said it would also come in patent white and would come in 2 sizes. The one I saw was bigger than the previous one and the other size is supposed to be smaller than the i guess the previous version is right in between these 2..sorry if I made it too confusing :shame:
  8. Hey I was in love with this bag too, and finally got one a month ago in Tokyo! What colour do you want? Saw dark silver and bronze there, very pretty! But unfortunately black was all sold out... So if you're planning a trip soon, you can def get it in Tokyo!
  9. I would love it in dark silver! Is it a type of gunmetal metallic?

    That'd be fantastic. I'm not planning a trip to Tokyo anytime soon, but I know my aunt visits frequently. Maybe, I'll ask her to stop in a Chanel boutique for me...
    I could wait to see if they are going to bring it back? I'm in no rush to get one, but I definitely need it in my life.

    I've never done the ebay makes me too nervous...
  10. check ebay ~~they have some chanel cambon bag there!!
  11. the bowler is a classic IMO. good luck in finding one. it's worth the wait, you'll definitely love it! :tup:
  12. I want one in metallic black too. I am beginning my search now. Let's see how it goes.
  13. you might like this bowler new for spring, saw it recently. price point is awesome for $1950!!! it comes in black, clair beige and white with vintage looking silver hardware...
    chanel bowler.jpg
  14. I think it is a classic bag too. I really like them.