The Chanel (bag) ...the looks sad...

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  1. I remember buying my 2nd Chanel back in 2011.
    There was a GST craze back then and while I was in Paris, it was completely sold out.

    The kind SA offered me an alternative.
    Also a Shopper Tote, but not as sturdy as the GST.
    It was is SOFT PEBBLED CALF ( looks like caviar ), SHW , had the CC logo just like the GST, and was in dark beige.

    IT WAS PRETTY. Gorgeously made. I grabbed it. Of course. Who wouldn't.

    But sadly, after about a year on, the bag... looks sad.
    It was sagging a little, and wrinkled in the middle ( imagine the soft calf leather didn't help in keeping it stiff ).

    I started to dislike the sad look of it. Had it SOLD.

    Cut the long story short... I had a Reissue 227, which looked sad ( wrinkled and saggy at the bottom ). I had it SOLD for the same reason.

    I just can't handle my Chanel looking sad.

    After selling my sad looking Chanels, I'm left with a 10" Boy. Still looks pretty handsome to me. I hope it stays that way.. for as long as possible.

    I'm so keen to get another Flap, but i'm so paranoid that it will sag and get all wrinkly again... oh dear....

    I don't baby my bags, but I dun trash them around.

    What about you my dear tpfers? Do your Chanels look sad too? Or is it just me that made them "sad looking" .
  2. I think there will be a certain amount if wear with any bag. With that said, my GST looks great. There is a slight wrinkling at the bottom but nothing that bothers me. I am very picky so any real mark or wear would bother me. I do baby my bags and that could be the difference I guess. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  3. I think you can try using a base shaper or bag shaper on the soft bags.. with use, most bags will start to soften and sag.

    My reissue 226 sags at the bottom too and after I inserted a base shaper in it, it looks perfect again.
  4. All of mine look great, but two have been to the spa for some cleaning up (a white lamb skin vintage seasonal bag and my tweed with white lamb skin chains M/L). The other ones, all black, look great. They are in black caviar, distressed calf, or patent.

    I suggest buying a black caviar classic flap. My jumbo is over 3 years old and looks brand new--no joke, brand new. SAs think I recently purchased it. My GST and reissue look great too. I think you have to store the bags properly for them to look good longer, and personally I love caviar for its durability.
  5. I totally agree
  6. I don't think its you at all, I know the GST looses its shape and many people like the sagging look.. I had two of them and sold them brand new bc with my OCD I could not have something I know will eventually melt.. Have you tried Caviar leather? all my Chanels are in Caviar and of course I don't use them as much as I should so I can't say 100% that they don't sag with time. I have seen the wear tear videos on You tube as well as resellers website ( Fashionphile) I see how Caviar does hold up way better than any other leather.. Dont loose hope in finding a more resilient Chanel bag :smile:
  7. I would second the caviar jumbo. It sounds like you like a sturdier leather.
  8. But thing is. .. i'm on the hunt for seasonal flaps more than classic flaps. ..

    Oh well. . Maybe i really should consider a classic caviar.. but thatz not exactly on my wish list right now though. I am seriously hoping n waiting for a seasonal flap that looks classic on the front, yet less boxy ..haha

    Ironic huh. I know =P
  9. For sagging etc, there is cardboard that needs to be re-inserted.
    Leather Surgeons, which does all of Chanel's bags, can help with this.