The Chanel (?) bag in "Match Point"

  1. I watched Match Point the other day and I also told my Mom to watch it, so she did.

    In the film the character of Chloe (played by Emily Mortimer) appears to wear a bone colored Chanel bag in some of the early scenes. (Scarlett Johannsen also carries a Mulberry bag)

    The question I have is if any of the PF Chanel Princesses saw that movie and can identify the Chanel bag? (Or know if I'm wrong and its not Chanel?)

    My Mom loves that bag and I'm curious if anyone knows the style/name?

  2. Sorry, I've never seen it! Good luck finding out.
  3. [​IMG]

    Is that the bag? I know you can't see it that well this is the best pic I could find.
  4. i never seen the movie. but from the pic, it kinda looks like my chanel bag. i'll post a close up pic of mine and see if this is the one you're looking for.
  5. thats a beautiful bag
  6. i just recalled when they pumped into Scarlett in the gallery, chloe's friend is using a black chanel flap
  7. I saw that movie a while ago, and I do remember Chloe's chanel bags. Actually, I liked Chloe's wardrobe better than Scarlett J.'s character's wardrobe, in the movie.
  8. YES! I think that is the bag! I watched the movie again and I'm pretty sure!

    What is the name/color??

    Thanks so much! :love:

    (PS: I think the bag she had only had one chain strap?)

  9. the bag is one long chain so i can be worn as a one strap or two. its kind of hard to explain, the strap on this bag is a lot a like the straps on a classic quitted flap.

    i dont have the box anymore but i may have the reciept at my mom's house. i'll see if i can drop by there in the next few days and pick it up so i can give you more info.

    the purse was bought in spring/summer of 2003 from the chanel store in Las Vegas. it came in 2 sizes, the one i have is the smaller sized one.
  10. I wonder if the one in the movie is the larger version? THANKS so much! I had a feeling this bag may have been hard to track down though!!
  11. Hi Roo,

    I PM'ed you with the info. Hope it helps :flowers: