The Challenge - The Everything Purse for $500

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  1. Okay, ladies. I am in the market for a purse and I need your help.

    I know most of you have budgets far greater than mine but my budget is $500 (and I would actually prefer it to be less).


    - I am a mom and while I don't need a purse that will haul diapers, I do need a purse that can go from day to night, playdate to birthday parties, church services and funerals.

    - I'm looking for leather (I tend to like the feel of J. Crew stuff but their bag seems to big for the most part).

    - I'm short (5' 2") so I'm looking for something that will NOT overwhelm my size.

    - But I do need something that will fit more than my keys and phone. Remember, I'm still a mom.

    Can you help? Sure, I'd like me all the fancy purses but this is a stretch during these times as it is. And it's been a long time since I've bought anything for myself so it'll be a treat.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
  2. How about a Coach Leather Sabrina in black for $358. I have this purse in Magenta. You can wear it as a satchel or a shoulder bag.
  3. Yeah, I'm a mom too and I still need to lug some diapers, wet tissues and spare clothes with me whenever I bring my kids out so I can emphathise. We need a nice stylish yet hardworking and durable bag that can take a beating or two. I'm currently using what works for me which are well within and even way below your budget: Longchamp Le Pliage, Kate Spade Large Flatiron Thea, Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini. OK the RM is a bit out of your budget but you still can get it during their sample sale.
  4. I totally agree with patchworkcat. I have the Coach Sabrina and it is extremely functional, versatile, stylish AND practical. Also can take a beating:smile::tup:
  5. It's a really great looking bag.:tup:
  6. i am a mom too and know exactly what you mean. If I were to choose 1 bag to do all these things I would choose my Belen echandia Love Me Midi. It can be dressed up or down, and gives you the option of wearing it on your shoulder or messenger-style. The usual retail price is about USD 560, however, Belen Echandia is going to have a 3-day sale sometime this month so you may be able to get one for much less (other styles you may want to consider are the Take Me Anywhere and the Whisper To Me in regular or midi size)

    I have the Love Me Midi in black glossy leather with gold hardware and have worn it to church, grocery shopping, a day out with the kids, and to work, and it will certainly be fine to wear to both birthday parties and funerals.

    I posted some photos of my bag in the BE forum.

    By the way, I am 5'2" as well and I find this bag to be the perfect "bigger bag" size.
  7. Mulberry Ledbury! Such a cute little bag (about medium size), will look great during day and night. I think they go for about $450. Here are some pics of mine (I'm 5'9", so quite tall)
    Ledbury & mini Bays.JPG Ledbury.JPG Ledbury & me.JPG
  8. My vote would be the Rebecca Minikoff Morning After/Morning After Mini.

    There are some on sale right now in the $385-$400 range, and they often go for around that on ebay.
  9. Im going to have to agree with those who said Coach Sabrina, gorgeous bag and very versatile.
  10. In addition to the BE bags that hipnycmom suggested, I would also add the BE Take Me Everywhere Midi. Gorgeous, fabulous bag and the BE sale is coming up soon!!!!
  11. Another suggestion-- Ignes mini Ormala. In black/gray/navy it can be dressed up or dressed down, holds a ton of stuff, has an available shoulder strap, and is affordable to boot.

    I just ordered one in navy patent and I cannot WAIT! I am 5' tall 100lbs and the bag on me looks like a big tote on a normal person :smile: There's a 35% off sale until tomorrow on some of the colors that brings the bag down to $247, so you could have TWO! That said, it normally is about $380 USD.
  12. what about the coach julianne? I think it comes in a few colors and I like that it's a smart looking tote that can go over the shoulder but also has a longer strap to wear accross the body.
    Now is a great time to look around because so many bags are on sale- you might be able to get a great deal on a more expensive bag, too.
  13. i have to second this recommendation. also, you might want to look at the midi-Sophia style as well. i :heart: ignes because of the customizeable options!
  14. Graciella where did you get the baby ledbury?? its the cutest thing ever!!!

    oh socalgal123 go for the ledbury their gorg!! plus VERY functional. love them
  15. i'm trying to paste your pic to show you hmm cannot seem to be able to do it. oh well... its the baby bag hooked onto the big one =)