The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons

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  1. Anyone watch? For some reason it started last night.
  2. I'm watching! Rooting for the Vegas cast.
  3. I forgot! I'm going to set my DVR now.
  4. I'm sad Wes got the boot, what a perfect game for Big E to win, all he had to do was push Wes out of the way ummmm ya pretty simple seeing he's twice his weight. Pffft
  5. I was a little surprised at Zach's behaviour with Frank when he was drunk, on his RW season he seemed to want nothing to do with Frank and his "lifestyle" choices?. He also said his parents were embarrassed at how he acted on his RW season?, what are they going to think now?:shrugs:
  6. i know, i thought it was bs really, i mean wes is a great competitor, but there is no way he had a shot at that competition with big e as his opponent. the first try, he ran over him like a mack truck, however, i did have hope when wes changed his strategy.

    girl that is exactly what i thought when i saw frank and him kiss and being all 'best friends' - since when did they become so close? maybe being on the RW opened zach up enough and made him less small minded, i'm surprised though judging by the reunion, i didn't see that happening. i'm happy they're friends though, they look like they are going to be a fun pair to watch.
  7. I am guessing since Ashley broke Zach's heart he realized maybe he was closed off with her during their season and didn't get to know the other cast mates?
  8. I always got the impression that Ashley used Zach as an excuse not to interact with the others. And Zack was always going on about Frank and the other girls "sexuality" and how HE didn't agree with it...cause that's not how he was raised.
    It should be interesting to see how this all plays out!!:yes:
  9. I'm glad Wes is out, can't stand him.
  10. I have like a love/hate thing for Wes. I do think he's a great competitor but he was so smug about it. I did wish Team Austin was able to put up a good challenge though but now they're down to 2 already. won't be surprised if the other 2 go next.
  11. anyone watching tonight?
  12. I think Zack is just the most gorgeous guy. Not feeling Jonna though, he can do better. She doesn't seem like relationship material at all. Always with different guys.
  13. I want the St. Thomas cast to do well, but Trey is annoying.

    I love how (so far) it's not just the rookies going into elimination.
  14. E is getting on my nerves already. Like you beat Wes because your triple his damn size any other comp he would of beat you lets be real here.
    Last night okay I'll give you credit!
    He can go! UGH
  15. I totally agree. Surprising to see him with someone like Jonna. :yucky: