The chain on my cambon broke :(

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  1. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone?

    The zipper-pull chain on my cambon pochette broke a few weeks ago and when I took it into Chanel today to get it fixed, they told me that the reason it broke was because I was pulling the chain with my finger inside the middle part of the chain. This causes the chain to break easily and they recommend opening the bag by grabbing on both reins of the chain. They said that since it was my "first time," they'll fix it for free but if it happens again I'll have to pay for it :sad:

    I'm amazed that Chanel not only makes defective chains but does not stand behind their quality. Just wanted to let everyone know about this in case the same happened to them. :shocked:
  2. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Does Chanel come with a manual on how to pull the chain? As much as you paid for that bag, the chain should be break proof. I would have been a little upset, but I'm glad their fixing it for free. :smile:
  3. They should always fix things for free!! well in my opinion that is!! I bought a chanel from Germany and the chain was made of pearls and the chain broke...I took it to the Chanel in my home town and they took it and sent it to Paris...took a couple of months but didn't have to pay anything!! also my friend had a chanel and leather from the chain was coming out...we went to the chanel boutique and they took 15 min to fix it without us having to pay.....I think it should be expected to get a good after service since we're paying alot for their bags!!!
  4. Wow, I cant believe this post! That happened to my Chanel Cambon BB too and when I took it to Chanel, my SA apologized, took it to the back and fixed it. He said Chanel is aware of this "defect" and that if it should happen again in the future I should not hesitate to bring it back and he can either fix it for me again or he will have the chain replaced. That's the kind of service I get from Chanel. Im shocked. They have also fixed and redyed bags for me FREE OF CHARGE.
  5. I am surprised about there being a speifi way to hold the chain when opening the bag and at your experience with Chanel. I believe for the prices we are paying, great service should be downright automatic!