the centurion AMEX card surely does the trick...

  1. when i was in SCP last night..i was with my dear BF...i swear he never walks into LV..who knows maybe he is trying to figure out how much $ i spend??? jk..he was being a gentleman. :nuts:

    so i was standing behind this guy and they were ringing up his purchases...he walked over with 4 HUGE bags i swear HUGE (neverfull GM (?), an epi one, an MC one, and a damier saleya GM) hooked on his arm and he said he wanted those..what i didn't realize was there were these 2 ladies with their chulas kachongas basically hanging out from their shirt....and i noticed the LV store tags hanging out from the back of one of the 2 ladies' blouse..

    turns out the man needed to bring one of the two girls (not dressed up) to a dinner and he just walked her into LV and bought everything head to toe...a new blouse and matching skirt, an MC pochette wallet, huge bag (guess she got to pick 1 out of the 4), card case, heels, hair cubes, bracelet, necklace, etc...................

    she was wearing sweats when she walked in...they had like 2 SAs trying to find those store tags and cutting them off before she walked out...i peeked at the bill (SORRY!) and it was 12k.

    the SA threw in a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally nice LV monogram necklace pouch that looked like a flatter version of the card case...of course for free.


    she was so happy, like seriously, and didn't forget to turn around, smiled at me and winked at my dear bf. :cursing: when i walked out, i asked my dear bf, "my birthday is on monday, can i walk into LV with my bra and panties on, and use ur card to make sure i walk out with clothes and accessories on?" :tup:

    my bf made a comment - both of the ladies were surely NOT the man's gf.

    and the to imagination.

  2. lol entertaining story. unfortunately, i haven't witnessed anything like that at any of my LV trips.
  3. Holy smokes! Never seen anything like that either, but wowzie --- 12K in one shopping spree! I would have loved to see that!!
  4. hooo weee!

    I have no words.

    Great story though, thanks for sharing!
  5. It's like a scene from Pretty Woman...
  6. $12k? Wow... that's some sugar daddy! :p
  7. I LOVE me a sugar daddy! haha!
  8. "chulas kachongas" :roflmfao::roflmfao: This CRACKED ME UP!!!

    Insane story!!!
  9. :nuts: $12k??

  10. LOL i loved reading your thread. Very amusing.:roflmfao: Especially the last part

    So..... my question is, was he OLD??!?!?!??! LOL
  11. Me wants a sugar daddy! WOnder if he bought the chulas kachongas too? LOL
  12. that story is so cute ! haha
  13. who says $$$ can't buy happiness never shopped in LV...
  14. Wow :wtf:

    It kind of reminds me of the guys at a strip club who are overly nice ($$) because they think the girl really likes them... I guess you get what you pay for, though!
  15. I guess I wasn't the only one thinking this girl had found herself a nice sugar daddy. :graucho: