The Celebrated Suhali Club

  1. OK I just had to start this:cutesy:, in tribute to possibly Louis Vuitton's classiest and most elegant line, the Suhali :love:.

    I'll start with my beloved L'Epanoui GM in white:tender::


    l'epanoui gm 002.jpg l'epanoui gm 003.jpg
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  2. Simply gorgeous Sandra!
  3. Oooohhh... It's so pretty. I don't own anything from this line yet, but this is the bag I want!
  4. im extremely jealous of anyone with Suhali.... i wish they start making men's (or at least unisex) styles too.
  5. My Le Fab:love: wants to be a member:lol::
  6. [​IMG]
  7. ok i REFUSE to believe there are only so few of us with the Suhali line :blah:
  8. Hm, its feeling pretty EXCLUSIVE to me! I definitely dont see a ton of these around.
  9. :heart:




    I should take some new, summery pics! Now I want the Lockit in white, too...:heart:

    I spilled some coffee accidentally on my Le Fab. Of course it wiped off the goatskin easily (yay!), but it's permanently stained on the inside. :crybaby:I'm not particularly devastated because it looks spotless on the outside, but the resale value has probably decreased a couple thousand dollars now...

    I also brushed my L'Epanoui against the brick wall of my parent's home and the smooth edge on the back is scratched! I suppose that's what I get for using these bags so much...

    Edit: for giggles, I'll take a photo of both of them together and post them here later!
  10. I long to be a member of this club...sigh :heart:
  11. Yeux and Clanalois, your bags are totally TDF!
    I think the colour is just stunning, so sophisticated and classic!
    :heart: Loves It!:heart:
    Thanx so much for posting!

  12. OMG :nuts: :upsidedown:

    Your pics are STUNNING!! That bag is gorgeous in this color. I would love to have one. Coffee stained or not. LOL:lol:

    Its really beautiful. I need to work up the nerve to spend that kind of loot on an LV. So far my MC Speedy has been my most expensive one.

    I'm sitting here in awe of how pretty it looks w/ your white sweater. I have a few sweaters that are that color.

    That means I could pull off wearing it in the summer and winter:idea: (I'm trying to justify a future purchase. LOL)
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Black Lockit PM...
    LV 002.jpg
  15. Isn't there someone out there with every color of Le Fab?

    Hey Yeux, I wanted to let you know that I was honored that you took my advice and got the L'Epanoui GM. Once you put it on, there is no going back. I love how absolutely DIVINE it looks on everything from a suit to t-shirt and jeans. With fabulous shoes of course (that's not a problem for you!). :smile: