The cdc belt....

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  1. Well now that I am a bada$$, I want the belt! I saw a thinner version of the CDC at Hermes in NY but sadly it was too small for me. Does this thinner version (that could just fit through my belt loops) have a special name? Also i think i may be able to special order one. I generally wear a black belt so I think I'll go with black, but should I get gh or ph? Help!
  2. RC, RC, RC...........

    You will NEED both!!! That belt is made for you!
  3. Oh yeah! If anyone can work that belt RC - you can!!!! :rochard:
  4. that's my girl!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Rock on!!! Big Time!!!!

    Is the thinner one the medor?

    IMHO, palladium. but you can rock both metals.
    Hey, get two!!!
  7. You go girl!!!
  8. I know I want one too!
  9. omg that belt looked FANTASTIC on you! i thought you bought it already. that is a total must have for you!
  10. ok, you CDC fans, fyi, there are two versions of this belt. the single loop and double loop.
  11. Heres the medor...

  12. I am sure that's the one.... isn't it RC?
  13. ^^she must be off rockin', Rose!
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. Hot! :drool: Must...have....