The catalogue collectors

  1. I hope I´m not the only one going cuckoo for catalogues:roflmfao: I will post pics of my bash when I get home from work. So if anyone´s been collection the "bibles" or the LV official catalogues, tiny ads, cards etc, post them here:yes:
  2. I love them too!!! So here is my small collection:wlae:
    cat2.JPG catalogs.JPG
  3. Wonderful collection Moko! Love that silver one, I haven´t got it, yet:rolleyes:
  4. Here is mine so far:
    Kuva 954.jpg
  5. LOL...I can join this one easily..I love LV catalogs..
  6. do u know how much "les catalogues" costs ?
  7. nuthin
  8. The official LV catalogue doesn´t cost you anything if you happen to get it from an SA while purchasing something. If you want to order it, or haven´t bought anything, they will usually charge you the shipping which is 20 dollars.
  9. Here are a few of my catalogue's and book collection. I have others stored away in a trunk that I will photograph sometime.:flowers:
  10. Wonderful collection Amamxr!
  11. This is "My Bible" a collection of photographs, notes, guides, etc. that I have compiled over the years. I love this book and use it frequently.

    There is also a section on The French Company that I have reference material on including pictures. Over the years I have collected many LV vintage photographs that are also in my book. :flowers:
  12. Gorgeous idea!!! Can I copy you and make a book like that myself:shame:
  13. Nola:

    If I had the money I would make a copy of the whole book and give it to you. I can however, perhaps contribute to a topic of interest just PM me..:flowers:
  14. That´s so nice:heart: I´ll pm you:yes:

  15. Wow! that's quite the collection of information. How long does your info go back? When I first considered buying an LV from eBay, I did so much web-surfing on LV info (with there being so many fakes out there), but still yet to purchase on eBay. Anyways, most of them I just marked in my favorites or printed out. That's such a good idea to just keep together!:yes:
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