The cast On the set of Sex and the City movie - 9/20

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  2. Those ladies look fantastic!!! I am just thrilled that they are doing this movie!!!
  3. they look fab remember at the end of the show they sold off the wardrobe I wonder if they do the same this time
  4. THEY SOLD OFF THE WARDROBE? OMG i want to know if they do that again. Seeing these pics make me miss NY. Cant wait for the movie!
  5. OMG!!!i'm so excited.i can't wait :smile::yahoo::yahoo:
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  6. omg....and their shoes and outfits are so fabulous!
  7. Wow! Can't wait!!! They all look fab!
  8. Ohhh they look fab!!!!!!!!!!
  9. omg sjp's flower dress!! like a work of art!
  10. I knew they'd go all out with the wardrobe! So excited!!!!!
  11. They still look gorgeous, can't wait to watch the movie!
  12. I cant wait!!! I still miss the show soooo much
  13. So Effinnn Excited Omg Omg Omg
  14. They did? I thought i watched on Oprah that they actually gave the whole wardrobe to the girls.. if im not mistaken, it was Kristin Davis who said it..
  15. SJP had it in her contract that she got to keep her clothes...don't know about the others, though.