The Cassette Bag!

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  1. Hi everyone! I didn’t see a thread on this bag, so I’d start one. Here are some pics - the leather is beautiful and very soft. The outside and inside are actually 2 different kinds of leather. The weaving is is done really well - the bag is soft but sturdy. Enjoy!

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  2. Congratulations!! I am so glad you posted this bag, I was just looking at it online and I love it!!
    I am trying to decide between the padded vs the non-padded, but I have not seen them in person yet. This is swaying me towards the padded. Love love love your bag!
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  3. I am so glad! I have walked by the BV a few times here in Vegas over the past month always asking when this would come in. They had one in the window for a day only when I saw it! Of course I snatched it up. I like this one far better than the flatter version, it's just more fun and cool, I think. What color were you leaning towards? Also, by the way, it fits a full sized wallet, phone, sunnies, lip stuff, keys and a few other small things. Very good everyday-small size!
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  4. That's wonderful, I am often the same way when I want something, I have stalked Hermes window displays numerous times!! Your bag is gorgeous I can't decide on otherwise your exact bag or the baby blue. I have a lot of dark bags and thinking a fun colour may be a great option. I think I will wait and see what resonates with me when I go check them out.

    I also was attracted to the size of the bag. I am so tired of having to strategically think about the interior real estate of my bags before using them. So the fact the strap is adjustable, it is a super beautiful bag, and it is functional is certainly a no brainer.

    Enjoy your beauty!
  5. Lovely bag. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for posting.
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  6. It’s nice to see a reveal of a new BV bag. How is the weight of the bag?
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  7. It looks so smooshy, I could just eat it up! I'm eyeing the a Cassette in the maxi intreccio. Tempted by the Bright Orange even though that colour is way outside of my comfort zone.
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  8. Orange isn’t my thing either, but for bags somehow I really think it works well with so many things! And the leather yeah. It’s impossible not to play with it.
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  9. Thanks for the photos and the review. I haven’t seen this style yet, as I haven’t been to the boutique in a while. I’m impressed by how much can fit in there!

    Also, though I’m not much of a shiny gold fan, I kind of like the hidden latch detail. I’m guessing maybe a hidden magnet might not have worked with the puffy surface. The latch is more secure, anyway.

    Enjoy! And thanks for sharing.

    I haven’t seen this particular BV orange, but in general, I like orange for handbags, as long as it’s a non-brown and non-pink orange. I think in a bag with a defined shape, it can work with a lot of outfits as it stands on its own. It doesn’t have to match anything because it’s an accent piece, especially with a sedate outfit as a backdrop. Whenever I’m out with my bright bags, I always get at least one compliment from a stranger, mostly directed at the cheerful color.
  10. SHOCKINGLY lightweight!
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  11. They are soooo amazing.
  12. So good! Thanks for sharing. I just ordered the black one. I can’t wait! :smile:
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  13. Seems the padded Cassette is coming in suede for Pre-Spring 2020.
    68676582_3020884011314957_8942253105515681568_n.jpg Credit to NewBottega.
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  14. I appreciate you showing this bag in detail. Enjoy!!
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  15. For those of you who have both a cassette and a Nodini, how does the capacity compare? I keep thinking of getting a second Nodini, but the Cassette is growing on me.