The Carry-All group

  1. Since Khoi started a Keepall group and some other member wanted to join but don't have a Keepall, I am starting this Carryall Group. Hope we'll get many members here too.

  2. How about a picture! I'd like to see yours!
  3. OK, I'm dumb. Can you tell me the difference between a carry-all and a keep-all?
  4. Here you go Luckylacoste.

    View attachment 22029

    Carryall is smaller than Keepall. Carryall has a reinforcement at the base of the bag but Keepall doesn't have one. Carryall has 2 side pockets on the side and Carryall is more expensive than Keepall. HTH. Refer to pictures for more distinguished differences.

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  5. That's a cool bag Darien.It's much more unique than a Keepall. Great taste.
  6. That Carryall is cute, maybe it holds a lot too. Very nice.
  7. I love the look of the carry all. I want one badlt, but evertime I save up enough, I end up buying another purse.
  8. Thanks u all. Yes, I think this is one good looking and practical bag.

  9. Just lovely D, I :heart: ur stuff!!

    U should also start the luggage group, u have some awesome pieces..
  10. One day Sarah.. I will.

  11. I think I may actually prefer the Carryall to the Keepall
  12. Thanks for the information!!!!!!!
  13. You're welcome.

  14. Darienlim, when you say it's reinforced, do you mean theres a hard part on the bottom of the carryall?
  15. Is there a MC Carryall?