The Carmen

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  1. LOL - I had looked at that earlier this morning! It's in fabulous shape, must not have been used much at all. Didn't stay too long though, those words that follow the cursor are really annoying! If it had gold hardware, I would be watching it.
  2. I know...the Cursor drives me insane!
  3. I really like the old chocolate brown lining with Kooba everywhere.
  4. Cute tote. I had to close the page because the cursor was about to give me a migraine.
  5. Such a great bag. It would work so well for me for work, but I've a feeling this vintage beauty is going to go high and I'm saving my $ for a couple of the soon to be released Fall Koobas.
  6. She's a beauty all right! But yes those swirling words make me get the H- - - out of there vs. look at their store! Kind of defeats their purpose I'd say!
  7. Funny -- I was more curious about the words than the bag!!! But I think because I have Firefox I didn't get them!! Cute bag though!
  8. That is a nice bag. First time I've seen that one. I always liked the lining that had the Kooba logos all over it, especially the brown/white. Those letters following the cursor are something else.