The Carly is a Glamour "Do"!

  1. In the Daily Double Do...The Carly in leather comes in as the Splurge for today...

    Daily Double: Daily Double:

    I'm, personally, still not lovin' this bag...but that's just me!
  2. i'm going to make you love this bag deweydrop!!
  3. I know what you mean DeweyDrop! I saw it and I was just like..ehhhh.
  4. EEk... kinda hate to say it, but I was digging that Banana Republic bag just a bit... over the... Carly....:push:
  5. I'm with you Bags4Bubbles, I like the BR bag better.
  6. I like it-but only the Brass/Parchment and Brass/Black versions:yes:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  7. Geez, I agree that the BR bag looks better (given the yellow color in the pic). I definitely like the black and white versions of the bag much better shown by MarieG.
  8. Wow! For once I'm have something that's "in" (that's a first, and will probably be a last)! I have the parchment version and must admit that was the only color of the Carly that appealed to me at first (though since then, the style itself has grown on me more).
  9. I like the b.r. bag better, also. It has more character. The Carly is just too plain but maybe it would be nicer in a brighter color.
  10. I love my carly! It's the medium camel but it looks way better IRL than in pictures! February's InStyle magazine has a Coach bag in it too on page 323.
  11. i don't see how it's plain? maybe because it's all leather, but it's got tons of hardware on the bag...but they are coming out in more colors/textures.
  12. i honestly don't like the BR bag. and i've brought ones from them before! this is my favorite


    that bag, no offense, doesn't even look like it's from BR. there are better bags from there.

    i adore the carly because if you see it IRL it slouches down like the shoulder tote, but instead of dogleash it actually has a zipper! inside like every other coach bag there's at least two compartments and a zipper one. the best about that carmel bag is that inside is bright yellow lining.

    just my opinion :smile:
  13. i'm trying to love the carly, i really am...
  14. i know what you mean kallison. although i do love the carly. there are some coach bags that i'm not really crazy over.

    which is why i'm thankful that there are so many different styles.

    currently my favorites are the legacys (ali, shoulder bag, mandy stands out) and the carly.

    the shoulder tote and the braided hobos are great but comes second on my list.

    after that are the soho hobos, the perforated series (esp. the khaki and white combo) and the carryalls.
  15. I'm not that into the Carly, though I do like the parchment and the camel with the contrasting trim. But the BR bag isn't doing it for me, either.

    And I'm a little confused with the Glamour Daily Doubles, as sometimes the items have almost NOTHING in common! The day before the bags (Wednesday), they have a pair of heels next to a pair of ballet flats. Maybe they both have a bit of satin on them, but they aren't even remotely close in inspiration!