The Carly cotton signature and dirt

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  1. Does anyone know how well the Carly cotton signature fabric holds up against dirt? I'm interested in purchasing any one of the available colors for the Carly wristlet (chocolate/jade/denim) but I'm worried about it getting dirty. I'm currently using my LV mini accessories pochette for my makeup and it never shows any dirt!

  2. I have the large denim Carly almost one month and it looks as good as the day I bought it. I also use a denim slim envelope wallet and a denim Carly wristlet. I am very happy with all of them. :yes:
  3. I have the large Chocolate (brown/white) Carly and I have to say it does show dirt. I decided not to buy the matching wallet for that exact reason. For my life, a wallet that is easily prone to dirt just wouldn't work. I sprayed my purse with 2 coats of ScotchGuard (even thought they say not too!) and it is holding up pretty well.I just wipe anything off at the end of the day. It has "absorbed" rub off from my dark denim skirt and any dirt in the area! Just wanted to let you know!:smile:
  4. Oh that is soo disappointing! I really wanted a white/brown wristlet but I guess I shouldn't get one now :sad:
  5. I have the denim med. carly and i have had no problems with dirt, thats the reason i did not buy the chocolate one. I had the feeling it would end up flithy, the way i like to throw my bag in the back seat of my car.
  6. This is disappointing to hear. :sad:
  7. I picked one up over the weekend and yep, I'm gonna be super careful with it. I'm drooling over the satchel, but with possible dirt and/or denim ruboff from my jeans I'm not so sure it's worth the $$ as gorgeous as that satchel is!
  8. i have the large chocolate/white carly and it shows dirt and i already have rub-off from my jeans on it.
  9. As I said before, I have the large CHocolate Carly and it continues to get dirtier! I have found the best thing to "wipe it down" is unscented baby wipes. I had some jean rub off on it and tried shout wipes and they actually made it worse by spreading it! I stopped and waited until I got home and used hte unsceneted wipes I remembered a tPF'er suggesting and it wiped it right off!:yes: I love the look of the bag and get compliment anfter compliment, but it is heavy and shows dirt, so I can't say that I would recommend it!:nogood:
  10. i have the large carly in jade and i am also an employee at a boutique store. my carly has denim stains on it from rubbing on my jeans. we also get a lot of customer complaints about denim on the cotton fabric. the best thing to do would be to use a soft white cloth with either a white or a clear mild soap such as ivory.
  11. It's such a shame! It is a beautiful (& expensive!) bag, which looks great, but is not practical! :nogood:
    I love it, but I hate it, if you know what I mean!:confused1:
  12. *Phew* that's a great review! I was sooo regretting not buying this when it was in season, but now I'm glad I didn't! I'm soo hard on my bags.