The Carly Bag

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  1. I have been hunting preloved bals feverishly for the past few days. I still haven't pulled the trigger because of issues with shipping and credit cards being international etc.

    So I called my local Bal boutique and inquired about their stock and colors. I was perplexed because the SA said they have some Carly bags in stock and I could not believe that after days of stalking eBay and other preloved sites i have never noticed or come across any Balenciaga style called Carly!

    I googled it of course and saw it. I did a search on this forum and saw ONE thread about it and in that thread it was described as a day marrying a pompon.

    Anyway I am thinking of getting this new Carly from the Bal boutique. Of course I will have to go there and try it on and see for myself but in the meantime I'm wondering if any of you ladies have it?

    Please show me modeling shots of it?

    Any feedback? Is it too big? A black hole that's hard to get stuff out of? How about the drawstrings?

    Any info on the Carly would be appreciated! Many thanks!!

    Edit: here is a photo from the web...

  2. I never heard of the bag, But I think they are cute. :smile:
  3. Right??!? How come most of us haven't heard of this?! It came out in 2013! Lol. Totally under the radar.

    I'm going to visit the boutique today and check em out (schedule permitting). I plan to take some modeling shots and photos to share with you guys!
  4. Carly?!! Something new I learn every day, thanks for sharing!
  5. #5 Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    Ok as promised here are the photos I took of the Carly. I feel so torn. I did not buy it... Yet.. (?!?)

    SA told me this is the very last Carly that the store has. Only one left in my country. He calls it Anthracite but I have my doubts as the tag read 2013. Anyway I love it. Absolutely adore the style and wish I had choices of color.

    Why? You see I have a Gris Fossile 2015 city with gold hardware. It looks almost the same as this bag; colors wise and hardware wise! Gah!!

    I always thought I should have different Bal colors in my collection. If I get this Carly it will look exactly like my City (second photo). Different style, I know, but do you think I should still get it??

    SA also told me that he believes that the Carly is DISCONTINUED. He showed me the current booklet of models and colors for this year and there is no Carly anywhere.

    So basically this is my "last chance" at getting a new, from boutique Carly.

    Another thing bothering me is the price. It's equivalent to $1945 U.S. dollars. Yikes. Really high. Not because of the retail price itself; but mainly because of the price of Bal in my city as a whole. It's just more expensive to buy it here compared to America or Europe (or anywhere else lol). The regular city in my country will cost me equivalent to $2,500! Must be the cost of conversion and shipping and franchise fee or.. i have no clue. I usually buy my Bals in HongKong where it's much cheaper from the Bal boutique.

    PS - I remember even telling the SA.. "2013? This bag has been in your storage for 3 years! Why is it not discounted?!" And he said it already is. Geez. Why so expensive here, Balenciaga? Sigh. I recall buying past year models in HKG and I would always get 30% discount from the boutique! Ahh. Oh well. Useless "haggling" with the SA. :lol:

    Ahhh. What to do what to do. I will think about it long and hard first.

    But I did want to share the photos with you all. The Carly is an awesome bag. The drawstring is braided. Really cute. I love how it looks on the crook of my arm and when worn cross body. For reference I'm about 5'7" (when without heels).


  6. While it's true the colours are similar the styles are so very different! Most of us have multiple black or brown bags, why not grey?

  7. Hi!! ️

    Multiple bags in the same color is perfectly fine. But multiple bags in the same color costing more than $1500 each (even almost $2000)... I don't know if I can justify it on my limited bag budget!

    Ahhhh I wish I had easy access to the preloved stuff abroad. It would be so much easier.

    Being Bal obsessed is hard haha.

    PS I just woke up thinking "I WILL BUY THAT BAG!" But came downstairs to see two household bills and now I'm like... "Errr maybe not!"
  8. I know exactly how you feel. My bag budget is very limited and there's a limited amount of used Bals for sale in Canada that I can find and what there are aren't cheap. When I purchase in the US the exchange between the US dollar and the Canadian is killing me :crybaby:
  9. I actually have never seen this style before! Seems very reminiscent of the Pom Pon bag. I think it looks amazing on you. I really love the arm and shoulder shot. Looks like a bucket bag which is bed on trend.
  10. +1 What she said!

  11. Haha you babes are killing me.

    I REALLY want to buy it. Believe me I do. I love it.

    I'm just trying so so hard to be smart here. Especially since I honestly don't have a lot of money to go around.

    If I were in hkg I can scour the streets for authentic preloved pompons and get my new bucket Balenciaga fix! And it would hurt my wallet less.

    Heck I can even scour the actual bal boutiques and possibly find a brand new Carly in their storage for 30% off retail since it's an old style. And even that would be much cheaper than buying in-store here in my country.

    But alas I have no plans (nor money) to go to hkg to shop anytime soon LOL!

    Ahhhh Balenciaga problems. I love it. And I love how I'm among people who understand ️

    I will continue thinking. I'm about to go to Sunday mass. Maybe Jesus can knock some sense into me and bless me with contentment
  12. Or he could tell you to go forth and purchase? Sorry sorry sorry:angel:
  13. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide! It does look great on you though. Sorry, I know I am not helping here.
  14. Hello, alternatively, you can look around for pre-owned, or take a look at Pompon. They are quite similar, except Pompon has shorter, double handles. ;)
  15. The Carly is really nice. I saw a preowned one on Yoogi's Closet website in bleu tropical these days (maybe take a look at that one) .As Peacebabe said, mini ponpom could be a great alternative ;)