The Career Change: Is it possible?

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm trying to do a career change into fashion, but have very little experience in the fashion industry, aside from working at the mall during summer breaks.

    One of my friends told me that there was an opening at her place of work in their fashion division (a place where I've been desperately trying to get a job). I applied, sent my resume, and I explained in my cover letter that I have lots of transferable skills and that the great interest and love of fashion is there, but inside, I don't feel confident that it will be enough. The worst part is, the job function is exactly what I want to do in my life, and I don't think they'd ever understand how badly I want it!

    Thankfully, my friend who told me about the job works with the girl who will be making the hiring decision, and she has already said she will vouch for me...she says I have all the skills and personality for the position. But, I just don't know how much stake they put in the having experience part.

    Has any TPF'er done a career change in their life? Any advice for someone trying to move into another industry, with plenty of good transferable skills, yet with little experience in the industry itself?

    p.s.- The girl making the hiring decision is apparently a handbag enthusiast as well, I was told by my friend that she's trying to design her own line!
  2. believe in yourself!!!!!!!!!!
    good luck!!
  3. During the interview,let them know what you have just told us,that you have passion and drive and enthusiasm,that you are eager to learn and that it is an area you want to spend the rest of your life working in.
  4. I had no experience in finance, I majored in philosophy, but I just got hired to basically be an accountant for the state aviation office in Oregon - and that's because I showed them I had a PASSION for aviation related things and would love to serve that mission until I retired. In a sense it is the same for you. You should definitely try to find words to explain your passions towards the fashion industry if they call you for an interview. Don't try to sound too stuffy or formal a bout it, try to come up with examples and just be yourself!!!! And BELIEVE!!! You can do this!!!! :kiss:

  5. Thanks for the encouragement!! :flowers:

    Wow, that's amazing! You got the job based on your passion for the aviation industry! You're right, I'm exactly in the same boat...I love fashion, want to work in the industry, and would work really hard to learn the ropes. I'm trying to find a way to communicate this without seeming trite if I get an interview.

    So what did you do/say to seal the deal with the hiring manager?
  6. Hey congratulations on deciding to make a career change! You already have some things going to for you, make sure to keep these strong and hope for the best!

    First, you really want the job, and you're certain of it. Are you going after an junior-level position? Employers are actually looking more for soft qualities like enthusiasm, hardworking and so on, rather than experience, so don't let the lack of experience deter you. Plus you already have retail experience, so what are you talking about?! Totally twist it around and think of everything positive you can say about those summer jobs... no position is too small!

    Second, fashion is an industry that is notorious for nepotism and superficial qualities. Not necessarily good, but afterall, it's fashion - what do you expect? You already have a huge leg up through your connection with your friend. Next, present yourself really well during your interview, pay attention to every detail in your dress and have good composure. Get a expensive new outfit if you have to, depending on what company it is. Most likely it will be more of an interview about style than substance, especially in first round.

    Good luck! You'll do great!
  7. Oh and... watch The Devil Wears Prada! Even if you've seen it before... it's very similar to your present situation and would make you feel good and confident!
  8. "Believe in yourself and all things are possible"....I tell my 7 year old this everyday...and it is true!
    I am in the middle of a career change...I flew for Delta (flight att) for 17 years, had to retire early b/c of a base change. Now, after a year of kicking around I am planning on attending Aestitition school. Facials, Dermabrasion, then on from is scary, but a it!!!!
    Good luck!!!
    I am an esthetician and have been for the last 23 years! There are soooo many job opportunities in this field, from doing the facials to repping great products and machines. Definitely go to the trade shows and meet, and socialize.
    Career changes are great if you have a passion for something and so few people have passion these days- Go for it!
  10. Well, I was asked why I thought I should get the job over the other candidates, and I basically told my interview board that I had such a true love for the aviation missions in Oregon (since it is for the military side of aviation, it is related to medical evacuation, transport of officials and heavy cargo lifting - along with firefighting in the summer) and the people associated with the missions, that I would always remember that my duties (money related) were not just about money, but about taking care of people. Money is a boring, lifeless thing and it would be easy to lose passion for how it works after awhile, but remembering that it affects people on the bottom line, doing difficult missions, is what keeps the love alive. That and helping others (in whatever capacity I can) has always been something I do - so this is just another way I can help soldiers.

    I don't think I sounded trite because I just thought about the things that were most important to me. I may not have had any experience working with money in this capacity, before coming to this job, but my passion for helping people and especially aviators, would make me learn faster and keep getting educated because my knowledge affects THEM and many others. So find your angle for what matters to you and think about how that would translate into you learning faster because of how much you love it- for when we love things, we tend to study them much more! You will be an expert in no time, I bet!!! :biggrin:
  11. Good luck!