The Care and Keeping of an Hermès bag - or not!

  1. I'm a senior in college. Today in my English class I sat next to a girl with a black Kelly bag. With schoolbooks in it. I'm pretty certain it was legit... though I'm not an Hermès bag owner (not for lack of wanting!), I have bought several scarves and I've been in their boutiques many times. My mother also had a red Kelly. I know what a Kelly bag looks like, and got a pretty good look at this girl's. My question she crazy? I mean, I know you are paying for the quality, but you have to be pretty careless about money if you're going to tote heavy books around in a bag that cost thousands of dollars. Yeesh.

    So my question, is...what sort of indignities have you treated your bags to? Would you even consider to do something like that? Do you have any horror stories? (Ha ha). Or, conversely, what lengths have you gone to to keep your lovelies looking as good as new?
    Maybe this is insanely boring to you ladies, I don't know...I'm just devilishly curious tonight. ;)
  2. No indignities for my bags. They get treated like princesses. :roflmfao: One thing I always do when I go out to eat with my Evelyne is tuck her canvas strap inside her just in case something were to spill. :sweatdrop:
  3. Princess Kelly always gets treated with the respect she deserves....

    She even has her own child seat in my car
  4. Wow! I had class tonight and couldn't have fit one of my books in my Kelly! (32cm)... which is why I'm Birkin shopping!! Still though, she'll be treated with great care and not be required to lug more than some file folders and maybe a gradebook... and who am I kidding? I may unwrap her and completely chicken out about putting anything heavier than my wallet inside!
  5. Hmm..maybe it is a age thing? I'm 22 and I love my Kelly but I would not baby her... a handbag is a handbag! Put whatever you like it in! I use Miss Kelly during the rainy days without a rainkit because a lot my bags are open tote so they'll get kelly is perfect for that!

    But do you think its legit? Because I've seem girls carry birkins in my university...and honestly I don't think there real..but I'm so bad at noting the difference!

    Plus logically a Kelly doesn't make a good school bag..JMHO :smile:
  6. Dont have a kelly yet but...
    I take extra care with my herbag (Barenia/Toile).
    Never take it out when it rains (downside of vancouver).
    Be extra careful not to scratch the leather flap wif my nails while opening the bag.

    But, on the other hand,
    I think it's a matter of the kinda leather that the H bag is made of.
    Like, my evelyne is made of Clemence and lined with suede.
    Wont get scratch easily, or scared of the rain.
    It retains its shape almost instantly after I removed all the contents.
    If anything bad happens, i can always have it refurbished at H.
    That's y I wasnt being be very very careful wif my evelyne.
    Ppl must've thought that I am insane when I put my textbook inside my evelyne, LOL.

    wat I do with a bag is that i'll use it...
    use it according to my lifestyle,
    make it blend into my daily life, and
    make a good use of it so it's worth the price.

  7. I have used my Birkin 35 as a book bag before...I used Birkin to carry my books to library to study for my board exam for my license. But I didn't take it to my know...It's kind of crazy in school...I would have to leave my Birkin without supervision when I was in labs if I brought it to school..

    So, no way I would bring my Birkin to school or my rotation sites. I mean each hospital has little small sections with sleeping beds, shower rooms, and storage areas for personal belongings for people who are on calls. But, I would not feel comfortable putting my Birkin in that area either.

    But I certainly enjoyed going to library with my Birkin!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  8. my HAC goes with me to school/libray/class all the time. I don't have books to haul but i do have notebooks and a tiny laptop to fit in. I don't think taking it to school is considered abuse. But i would wonder what book can fit in a kelly??
  9. i, too, take my birkin everywhere,
    (except to the beach),
    overstuff it at times,
    and put it down everywhere.
    i never worry about it,
    and just enjoy carrying it.
    there is always claude to the rescue!
    my evelyne is even more of a "hang out" bag,
    but it is newer, yet to be exposed to years of my lifestyle.
  10. hmm... I think if I had a kelly/birkin when I was going to school, it would be my purse and not my backpack..... I treat my purses with so much respect (well the designer ones at least)...
  11. J, I was thinking the EXACT same thing - that must have been a GIGANTIC Kelly to fit books in!!!!!!!:confused1:
  12. Maybe it was a 40. I've heard of people using those to schlepp files and laptops to work.
  13. When I was in college I was sclepping a large rectangular Kate Spade when it was a really hot/ in brand.
    I couldn't see taking my hac to class, our floors were dirty and she always never touches the floor.
  14. :smile: Dont have classes to go to but i use my bags like workhorses not that i dont respect them i just feel they can always be sent to the spa...
  15. I'm extra careful with my Hermes bags. I never put them on the floor and never walk close to a wall, etc. I never let my daughters touch them and they ride in a special place in my car. I've always been careful with bags in general though - not just Hermes. 's